That time I studied abroad in South Korea…

I was so lucky the other day,

To visit my beloved university again where I had studied abroad.


It’s been 4 years,
since I’ve set foot onto this pavement.

4 years…

Of changes,
Challenges faced,
Hardships that happened,
New life experiences made,
New friends and business partners made,
And more.
Much more.

At the same time…

It seemed
as if I’ve just been there yesterday, walking through the tree-filled campus.

Laughing with my friends.
Dreaming about the future.
Planning on what to do in the evening.

The next moment,
It feels as if that was a different life that I’ve lived from the one I live now.


What school did you go to if you went to university?
And did you also do a study abroad while still in high-school or college?
If so, to where?
How was your experience?

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