The Backpack.

Sometimes all you need as a digital entrepreneur is your portable office – also known as ‘THE BACKPACK’ .

I still remember when I was a little girl looking through the numerous travel guides my parents had at home in our living room library in our house in Vienna…

And imagined myself exploring all those different places…

From Berlin to Amsterdam, Greece to Spain, South Korea to Japan and China, India and South Africa, Peru to Alaska.

Kind of like a female Indiana Jones.
(Be sure to like this post if you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones films 🙂?)

When I became an adult and while attending university in the U.S.,

I realized just how tricky it was to actually figure out monetary means to make this dream of mine become a reality.

It took me years to get to the point of where I successfully learned about digital marketing and media.

And how to actually use it in its various forms,
To make a living from it while being able to add a ton of value to people around the world.

Producing various income streams in the process,
I learned a thing or two about what it truly takes to succeed online.

One of the biggest assets I’ve learned to use (and LOVE using) is Facebook.

Facebook has been the SINGLE biggest reason that has allowed me to break through & live the life of the adventurer like I’m doing right now #thankful.

I’m just wrapping up a couple of super new and exciting lessons (including an Intro To FB Messenger Bots + Steal My Best Cold Outreach Messages) for my Facebook Networking For Entrepreneurs course:


And before re-opening its doors again (soon, very soon hehe)!

If you want to stay in the know-how about the doors opening to my program be sure to comment with,

Here’s to a life filled full of blissful adventure!

Let’s do this!


Remember that you need no advertising money to start building a successful business online.

You just need to know the right strategies to use and implement to scale up your business like cra-crazy.

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