A love letter to traveling…

Our time in Europe has come to an end.

With a somewhat heavy heart,

I start packing all of my things that I’ve acquired these past 4 months while traveling in Europe and South Korea – already planning my next few trips for 2018.

You see, one of the things that has got me totally hooked on traveling (and that has turned into a lifelong love affair) is the fact that every trip must eventually come to an end.

Traveling in itself has a beginning – the ‘planning phase’;

A middle – the ‘I’m enjoying my trip phase and counting the days until I’ll have to leave again’;

And the end phase – ‘we must now be getting ready to leave and start the next adventure in our lives.’

Every trip is final.

In its very nature, it makes you become excruciatingly aware of the countdown to your own life,

Or life in general.

And guess what?

There is a beauty in this.

Almost like a bittersweet beauty because you realize it with every fiber of your being while still desperately enjoying every passing minute.

You live and you are just not stuck in a rut or in a routine but you are truly thirsting to experience and make the most of life.

As such, I’d love to encourage you to plan your next few trips for 2018.

Be sure to dream about many exotic locations and have the power and the follow-through to actually visit them in person.

I promise you, your life will never be the same again ;).

You will truly have extended the horizons of what you thought could be possible while having a whole dang lot of fun doing so.

I dare you <3.


P.s.: If you’d love to check out more of my travels and get tips on specific locations, hotels and cities, be sure to visit the ‘WANDERLUST‘ tab of this blog. Enjoy ;)!

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