Month: December 2017

Countdown to 2018!

Oh, what a year it has been! 2017, I have to say I’ve been quite in love with you <3. However, you’ve also been a year during which I’ve learned a few of the most important life lessons yet. Let me share a couple of the most important mistakes as […]


What a unicorn has to do with organic marketing.

Or, when someone thinks they can make money online without having to work for it. This morning I’ve received an email newsletter in my inbox from a rather no-name marketer. I receive a ton of emails in my inbox every day. Purpose? Research :). With that being said and to […]


Go Crazy With Clickfunnels

Since you’ve asked ;)… Why do I love and use the funnel building software, Clickfunnels? (1) It has been the FIRST funnel building software I have ever used. And I’m a loyal gal. What else can I say for this point :)? (2) Knock yourself out building huge funnel networks. […]