A sales funnel and a podcaster – a match made in digital heaven.

The magical pairings of a podcaster using sales funnels to build her online business and put it on steroids.

As a podcaster, you give away free valuable content frequently AND entertain your audience along the way.

Not only that, you also build a TRIBE.

Now, a sales funnel gives that tribe of yours PURPOSE.

How so?

Because a sales funnel will help you to strategically capture and OWN that tribe’s information – or, in other words, get their emails.

As such, you build up that super important ‘list’ that any internet entrepreneurs needs to run a thriving digital business.

If someone likes your podcast’s rocking content, you want to have a way for them to connect with you even further.

They might even want to potentially buy something from you.

And if you have a strategy funnel in place, you can touch on all those connection points to really build up a sustainable business online.

to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. (3)

Where does the sales funnel start for a podcaster?

Each podcast episode you record, publish and advertise on your social media platforms will be your main source of targeted traffic for your future sales funnel.

Not only that, it also fulfills another important purpose.

Any episode can serve as a ‘LEAD MAGNET’ for that sales funnel of yours.

This means that you are already creating INTEREST by sharing valuable content with your audience.

Next, you want to think of including a quick CTA (call to action) towards the end of the podcast in order to start turning that traffic into actual leads.

Leads will help you build up your email list as we’ve talked before.

Depending on the overall value ladder of your business, you want to be sure to revolve your CTA around that.

Make sure to include one at the end of each recorded podcast episode!

So, you could be saying something like this:

AND….thank you so much for listening to today’s episode/interview on XYZ.

If you liked the content that we shared in this episode, be sure to click on the link in the description section of the podcast where I’m going to share with you my FREE checklist on XYZ.

I’m only going to offer it for free to all my loyal XYZ show listeners for a limited time only, so be sure to grab it right now and stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode on XYZ.

Of course, this is just a draft but I think it gets the point across, doesn’t it ;)?

Your sales funnel WILL convert better if your audience has been introduced to you through your podcast. 

Your podcast is a huge PLUS.


Because you’ve already WARMED UP your audience to you.

Not only that.

If your content is awesome and spot on to what they are looking for, then you made them like and trust you.

Especially, if you show consistency with your podcasting (which is vital!).

Think about it.

People have already heard and listened to YOU.

They feel like they know you and will be more likely to buy from you later on than people who just see a random Facebook ad from someone they do not know.

Think of a sales funnel like a form of seduction. 

Yep, I said it.

You want to slowly ‘seduce your listener’ to the awesomeness that is you <3 and the products/services you have to offer.

Also, be sure to mention WHY and HOW your offerings can be important to your listener and what results he/she can expect from them.

People will always care about how this or that might help them get results.

Special sales funnel podcaster tips:

First of all, you want to have a website funnel set up.

A website will be like your business card for your audience.

Personally, my team and I loooove using the software Clickfunnels.

We specialize in Clickfunnels and it’s an AMAZING platform for podcasters to use.

Not only will you be able to set up a website for your audience,

But you can also ADD a NAVIGATION MENU at the top of the page.

This gives you the opportunity to AUTOMATE the process of having new people sign up for interviews, for example, IF your podcast revolves around interviewing experts.

Clickfunnels also lets you build a questionnaire so you can automatically pre-screen potential podcast interviewees.

This could look something like this:

sales funnels for podcasting

Next, you can add an opt-in or lead generation EMAIL SIGN UP to your website to capture your tribe’s email address once you sent them to your website through a CTA at the end of each episode.

Then, you might want to have an EMAIL FOLLOW UP SEQUENCE in place;

Almost like a newsletter OR a so-called SOAP OPERA SEQUENCE to keep your traffic/your list engaged with you and your business.

Further ideas for that?

Send them UPDATES whenever you upload a new episode.

Have a PAID PRODUCT OFFER? Tell them about it.

Doing a big course launch, ask them for their feedback, etc.

Finally, you might want to type up every one of your podcasts and make it into a BLOG. 

One time content creation-double the effect.

Always keep in mind that if you can’t re-purpose your episode’s content, then it’s lost the majority of its value.

How can I learn more about sales funnels?

My business partners and I run FUNNEL PRO ACADEMY.

Our mission is to help aspiring and existing digital entrepreneurs break the 6-figure mark in their business!

I am super excited about this and for anyone that is interested and is looking for more information, they can go here: www.funnelproacademy.com,

OR join our fun Facebook community for more free awesome content on everything sales funnel related: www.socialmediafunnelhacks.com

Wait! There’s a Bonus!

My team and I at Funnel Pro Academy actually share a PODCAST FUNNEL with our students and we would love to extend this free gift with you too.
Everyone interested in fast-tracking their ‘podcast funnel success’ can get the complete FREE funnel template here:


Note: You can either be an existing Clickfunnels user or new to the platform to get this complete template ;).

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