How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation?

Today’s topic: How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation and to increase engagement?

How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation and to increase engagement

The short answer:

It all comes down to the kind of story you tell. 

Our whole lives consist of an accumulation of thousands upon thousands of unique stories.

To me, this is the most fascinating aspect of human experience.

The second most insightful aspect we can get about life itself is to read stories of other people.


They are able to relate to you based on what glimpses into your life and business you give them.

For example, look at the image that my husband took of me a couple of years ago.

What comes to mind?

What is the kind of story this image tells?

Most people probably immediately get a sense that I’m the kinda gal that loves the beach, the smell and sight of the ocean, the feeling of the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I’m not looking at the camera, instead I’m looking at the sea.

This creates a certain interesting effect because you could possibly imagine yourself standing in this picture instead of me – dreaming, planning, enjoying life.

Depending on the kind of caption I add to this post (and this can be an Instagram post or a blog post such as this ;), etc.), the story of the image can slightly change.

Every form of medium that we use to publish out content online – videos, photographs, written content, more formal articles, podcasts, etc. – they all have a certain storytelling element to them.


This was the first part of any content marketing strategy I needed you to understand.

Now, let’s get to the second part.

Especially if you are a business owner and entrepreneur such as myself, you want your content to have a purpose.

There is one formula that I live by.

This formula is:

Your passion and talent + How you can serve or help people = YOUR CONTENT

What do I want to say with that?

In order to be able to even start to increase the engagement of your content (on any platform!) as well as start using your social media accounts or blog for lead generation, your content must be FOCUSED.

You understood that it has to have a story-telling element to it.

However, your content must also do two more things.

Every post should answer these two questions:

(1) What problem am I solving for my audience?

(2) What is the takeaway my audience can take away from this post?

Of course, to be able to create focused content and continuously answer these two questions throughout your distribution, you have to know WHO you are talking to (aka, your ideal customer/client).

In other words, make sure you hit your target.

The most straight-forward way to use your blog posts for lead generation is to add subtle and appropriate calls-to-action about two to three times throughout your blog article (a pop up window counts as one as well here).

OR, you can also add a direct call-to-action towards the end of the article.

Read on to see how I am doing it right here in this blog article to experience it first hand ;).

The follow-up

Most beginning business owners or entrepreneurs forget this but having different calls-to-action throughout your blog article is not enough.

You also need to put an automated email sequence in place.

After all, think about how excited your new lead is to have found you.

However, all the hear from you in the weeks to come are crickets chirping.

They feel a bit confused and also ignored.

I am sure you do not want your leads to feel this way so after choosing an email marketing software (such as ActiveCampaign, for example), you want to make sure to have an automated email sequence in place.

This automated sequence helps you in particular to CONTROL the kind of stories your audience is first reading about you.

How are you presenting yourself?

How are you welcoming them to your world?

What value are they going to be receiving from you?

Next, add them to your regular newsletter because now, they have a better idea of what to expect and ideally, have become fans of yours.

Social Media Lead Generation

When it comes to your social media strategy, the first thing you want to make sure to implement right now is to add an url to a lead generation or opt-in page in place of a standard website url.

Again, make sure the type of freebie you are offering actually matches with your audience’s interests and solves ONE pain point for them.

For example, when you look at my Instagram, I have my most current lead generation magnet in the url real estate of my bio:

I mention this blog in the cute banner image that I use for my Facebook Group, Social Media Funnel Hacks.

Once a member clicks on the banner image, I’ll make it easy for them and include the clickable blog website link ;).

Side Note: In case you would like to learn more about how else you can use social media for lead generation, you might find this article helpful as well:

In case you do not know how or what to use to create such a lead magnet or also called an opt-in funnel, my team and I use the funnel building software Clickfunnels. You can test it out for free HERE for 14 days to see if you like it ;).


The next tip that I want to give you in terms of engagement is a very important one.

It is the ONE THING that drives up engagement more than anything else you can do.

And that thing is,


Regardless which social media platform (for example, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) you want to be active on, you have to be consistent.

Consistency instills trust.

Make a decision how many times a week you would like to post and stick to your commitment you have made to your audience.

No one engages with my content and I still get no leads.

If this is the case and you have been doing all of the other steps I outlined throughout this blog post, you have to go back to square one and re-evaluate your unique value proposition and your positioning in your market.

This goes back to WHAT kind of story, as well as HOW you tell it to your audience.

It is the way you position yourself while at the same time setting yourself apart that is going to make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to be creative.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Don’t be afraid to test out different things. 

If there is one thing your audience loves, it is to be entertained (as well as educated if you are a business owner and entrepreneur).


Now, I hope that you found this article helpful. If you feel like you want more guidance and coaching, navigating the waters of digital marketing, I have TWO more spots open in my 3-month 1:1 intensive coaching program, “Jumpstart Your Online Business”. 

For more info, shoot me an email after you’ve finished reading this blog post: 

Be sure to include: (1) What you are currently struggling with? And, (2) Where you see yourself in 3 months from now? I look forward to talking to you <3.

Let’s do this!

~ Cornelia Pauline

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