My mission is to help 10 million people around the world live life on their own terms through inspiring them by touching their hearts in a variety of ways as well as sharing actionable knowledge I’ve gained as an entrepreneur with them.

I also inspire to bring beauty to this world.

From the busy mom who runs a full-time business and learns how to have more time to enjoy an afternoon of no work together with her newborn child,

To the college student who feels lost in his or her pursuit to create a digital business in order to travel the world.

From the wife that is reading an article she saw on my blog to her newlywed husband while driving to a meet-up in their car to inspire them to push forward to realizing their goals,

To the young single Millennial CEO who is striving to understand how to scale up his business more by getting more leads into the door.

These are all examples of ways I want to ‘touch’ people with.

What do all of these have in common?



An emotional response to an action, video, content or program I have produced.

If I can achieve my mission and even only 1% of it during my lifetime, I can see that my life was a success.

A life without purpose is meaningless.

I also strongly believe that you give yourself your own purpose.

That it is something that not only finds you but that you have to let in and than accept, decide on it and take action towards realizing your vision of your life and how you are meant to live it.

All in all, you’ll hear about me if you ask any of my clients, friends, business partners or my hubby of 10 years, Ben, that I’m a gal of many talents.

From playing the violin professionally in my teens while growing up in Austria,

To winning a college Art contest with one of my mixed-media paintings;

From working as a commercial model to finance my studied of Diplomacy,

To founding a couple of companies and writing fiction books in my spare time.

I love to create, travel the world and like my life to have meaning.

If you have already found yours, let me show you how you can take it to the next level by using content marketing, funnels and social media.

If you’re still searching, continue to follow this blog or hop on a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me as I do a limited amount of coaching each month.

Thank you for taking the time and checking out my site as well as learning more about me.

Now, I’d love to learn something about you!
Tell me where you’re located at as well as what got you onto this site :).

You’ll see, I respond to every comment.

Talk soon!

Let’s do this,