runs as smoothly and with as much precision as a swiss watch.

& With the right online sales and marketing strategy, you can achieve just that. Find out which one is THE right one for your business by taking my 'sales funnel quiz':


& The best kind of business

means freedom.

Creating a                        successful business

The internet created a wave of opportunities for entrepreneur-minded individuals like you and me. Suddenly, we had a million and one ways to create something that could support our freedom-loving lifestyle and reach our ideal clients and customers with our ideas and solutions pretty much 24/7.

At the same time though, it started created challenges of "standing out" amongst other hungry achievers as well as knowing where to dedicate your time and focus to achieve optimum results plus growth.

If you are at the beginning of your business (or, even just thinking about starting one) or, if you've been in the trenches for a while now, the truth is the same: CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MEANS FREEDOM. 

It means freedom to allocate your time however you wish to: travel the world first class or stay home and spend more time cuddling your kiddos; buy that Hermes bag or Rolex watch AND create enough cash flow to easily re-invest it into your business or other projects that are dear to your heart.

the ideal online business not only generates you money on autopilot but also, helps you create more 


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business full-time

Since creating my funnel marketing agency, FunnelGal, 7 years ago, I've now gone on to become a mom and settled down - currently - in beautiful Switzerland.

I'm passionate about helping other parents help themselves to not only make money, create generational wealth + choices for their families but realize the potential they have for designing their own dream lives. Dive deeper into this website and find out how ;).


In another life, I was a professional violinist before embarking on my journey from Vienna, Austria to live in the United States. After graduating college, I quickly realized the corporate world wasn't for me and so I turned to entrepreneurship, particularly internet entrepreneurship. Why? Because I wanted to create a business that would support the lifestyle of my dreams. In my twenties that looked traveling the world in luxury & style. Now, being able to be present and a stay-at-home-mom to my 2 little boys, Cosmo & Atticus, my greatest treasures.


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~ Rose Tablan

Cornelia is someone who stands out amongst the midst of digital marketing guru wannabes. She's actually the real deal. She gets you real results, because she understands the fundamentals and has the foundations nailed down. After all, it's real relationships that you have to build behind the digital layer. She's also such a cool person. She has an amazing energy! Looking forward to working with her again in the near future!


Cornelia is a digital marketing all-star who doesn't just strategize and consults, but executes all the way as well from start to finish with you. She's helped numerous clients with 5- and 6- figure product and site launches. I refer anyone who needs funnel/online marketing optimization her way. So far everyone has been satisfied, so she continues to earn my referrals. Thanks Cornelia!


Cornelia is awesome! She has taught my wife and I so much about sales funnels and social media over the years and she has been instrumental in helping me develop as a funnel builder and marketer! Her positive and fun energy also makes it a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend anyone considering to work with Cornelia to not hesitate and let her work her magic. :)

~ angelica whetstone

It is truly a pleasure to work with Cornelia. She is an amazing talent and truly authentic in her approach to sales funnel building and client appreciation. Cornelia is also a copywriting ninja who has mastered the psychology of relationship building for online marketing. If you're on the fence about hiring her, look no further than Cornelia Pauline. 


Funnels can be incredibly confusing to figure out. Cornelia makes it so simple though to market your business and bring in new leads on autopilot. I'm so glad to have her as a resource!

~ Sarah Stevenson 

Cornelia delivers nothing but high class VALUE! She has taught me so much about funnel building and how to build my own agency. She offers amazing content and strategies to grow an online business and connecting with others! Thank you so much for everything I’ve learnt from you Cornelia!

~ Christy Westerfeld

I'd like to add a recommendation: HIRE HER to do a deep dive of your marketing!!

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