How one plane ride to Hawaii changed my entire life

My hands were clammy.

I brushed them off against the fabric of my washed-out denim for the like millionth time.

I was nervous.

Not because I was stepping into the airplane to start my thirty-five-hour journey to Hawaii, but because I was leaving the place I was born in.

I was moving away.

Across the world.

By myself.

Some of my friends kept telling me I was crazy.

Why did I need to move 7,700 miles way, almost half across the world, to study something they couldn’t even quite pronounce ‘Anthropologie and Film Studies’ (truthfully, they knew film studies of course).
My father thought I was crazy too.

I was way too young with eighteen years old, he stated.

And, above that, a girl.

This statement as a self-confessed feminist always made me cringe.

He was old-school, my father.

Growing up during a time of poverty and hardship after the Second World War.

It had defined him and he did not trust new modern notions of how the world was supposed to work.

My mother was more supportive. Although, I could tell that it would break her heart – me moving away that is.

But there are certain times in your life where you just have to do what you have to do.

That time in my life, nine years ago, was certainly one of those times.

Sure, I could have made all sorts of different decisions and there were plenty of options for me.

However, something inside of me urged me on.

And it continued to urge me on until I could think of nothing else than my vision for my life for the next few years.

Whenever you reach a time in your life where you get this kind of conviction about something that you just need to do, some action that you need to take, don’t wait.

Don’t analyze it and try to figure out the why, or continue to doubt yourself.

Just go for it!

See what it is that you need to experience when taking that action and committing yourself to what your heart is telling you to do.
Every decision you make in your life, ever action you take and every reaction of yours is interconnected with each other.

They are there to bring you to a certain point in your life.

The here and now.

This moment.
The future?

Well, that is up to you.

But remember to always listen to yourself.

It won’t be easy.

If it would be then there is nothing for you left to learn or experience.

If you don’t feel challenged you won’t become stronger, nor wiser.

For me, that moment when I stepped into the plane was one of the most significant episodes of my life.

One anxiety attack after the other rushed through my young body, while I continued telling myself that I must be crazy for doing what I was doing.

Nobody else from my past environment had ever taken action to do what I was about to do (at least not at that point).

But that was exactly the reason why it was so important for me.

I felt that I needed to break out from what was comfortable to me.

I knew I needed to leave to be able to find myself.

And finally – even if I got the listening-to-myself-part down – I knew that I needed to learn to believe in myself too, in order to reach that vision I had for myself and my life.

I am still on a journey to get there.

And I believe, so might be you.

We all are.

But I am excited abut my life with all its ups and downs.

And so I wish, you are too.


A Word On Facebook Groups

How many Facebook Groups are you a part of?

Let’s be honest.

Over 200!?

{Comment with your number #️ and you’ll be surprised at all the big numbers from your fellow blog readers}

You see, I know…

I’ve been a Facebook Groups owner for close to 2 years now.

Heck, I’ve ran 4 different Facebook Groups in the process and have been a moderator in a few more.

And guess what?

On average, people that have joined my groups or the ones I have moderated for have belonged to at least 38 (!) other groups.

That’s on average.

Do you know what that means?

A lack of FOCUS.

Not only that?

There’s something else I want to address in here.

But let’s stick with the lack of focus part of this post for a second.

How much time do you have available each day?
And how many of the Facebook Groups you are a part of are active (meaning the group admins are doing a good job in keeping the group alive)?

There will be about 2-5 pretty active ones from the like 38 you’re a part of.

If you just hop into those groups, read random posts and than fall victim to scrolling down the Facebook Groups content heaven…
Well, you pretty much lost focus.

Not only that, there is another phenomenon that I’ve been witnessing.

A lot of the times (and this is especially true for fellow Facebook Groups owners) you start feeling sort of discouraged .

You continuously monitor and almost ‘stalk’ other groups, group admins and active members of groups (yes, I said stalk lol!)…

You keep reading about the process people are making and the successes they’ve seen…

You keep reading about the money they earn, the Huffington Post article they are going to publish, etc., etc.

All the while you are stuck in your little office – wherever that might be – on your computer or laptop feeling…well, down.


Because – honestly – you focus too much on WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING.

So what is the SOLUTION ?

Leaving all those group?
Not necessarily.

Let’s focus on the essential…

Which is…

Turn OFF the notifications to 99% of the Facebook Groups you’ve joined in your lifetime on Facebook.

Only continue to leave on the notifications or stay a member of 2, maximal 3 (!) Facebook Groups and even then, monitor your time.

I would still suggest you to turn off all recommendations even to those top Groups but instead,

Put them onto the SHORTCUTS section of your Facebook dashboard and check in to see what’s new in the groups a few DESIGNATED times per week – not more.

You will be amazed at how much more focus, time, energy and inspiration you can draw from focusing on your own stuff!

Especially, once you’re able to start seeing the growth, you will continue to be doing this.

Don’t feel down anymore.


Focus on yourself more.

This will also help you be more authentic.

Because the more group admins and people you follow inside those groups,
The more you unconsciously copy what it is that they are doing without listening to your INSTINCTS and sharing with us a part of YOU.

I want to see more of YOU <3.

I know this was long but I hope it helped.

Let’s do this!






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5 Surprising Reasons A Funnel Will Never Convert That Funnel Builders Won’t Tell You


A funnel is like a Swiss watch.

Any successful 6-and-7-figure funnel that is and if that is your goal with your funnel.

And to work perfectly together for years – heck decades – to come, every single last element has to fall perfectly into place.

We’ll get to those elements in a second.

It is fairly easy to build a funnel with all the tools available today…

Everyone who would dedicate a little bit of time on the subject matter, will be able to throw together a landing page, webinar funnel or any other type of funnel for that matter.

However, it takes true experience and dedication to this art that truly reveals the 5 reasons why some funnels will never convert well – no matter how you place the elements.

Here they are:

(1) Your product sucks.

Or, your service offering is simply not up to par.

The greatest and best strategized funnel in the world wont get you the results you want if you half-ass your product or service.

(2) People simply don’t care about what you have to offer.

This happens a lot for entrepreneurs or businesses who have not done efficient market research or validated their ideas.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Do your homework.

Talk to your ideal clients and customers.



(3) You are targeting the wrong people.

You could also be targeting the wrong group of people with your funnel.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck continues to stress,

“You gotta go where your audience IS.”

Imagine you are a Reggae band with some seriously sick jam but for some odd reason, you have decided to play at the number one classical opera house in Vienna, Austria.

The audience that would visit this opera house would feel pretty alienated by your type of music because they simply were expecting to hear classical music.

After all, that is why they chose to go to an opera house.

Whereas, when you decide to play in one of the clubs in Honolulu, your jam will be positively accepted and enjoyed.

Match your messaging and advertisement to the right audience.

(4) Your messaging is off.

This goes hand in hand with my previous point.

Now, I bet you have heard this saying before,

“Communication is key.”

Well, it truly is.

If your messaging is off and the way you present yourself or if you are sending your message to the wrong audience, your funnel will never work.

You have got to nail your messaging.

Plus, a lack of creativity can help as well.

(5) You are not sending enough traffic to your funnel.

At one point or another you have stop wanting to perfect your funnel.

Yes, there are things you need to put in place to perfect your funnel before launching it.

However, at a certain point you just have to take the plunge and see where it takes you.


And be sure to send the right traffic to your funnel.

And enough of it.

What do I mean by ‘right’?

This goes back to number three as well of my points.

Your traffic can vary based on where your audience is hanging out at and what your service offering or product is.

Is influencer marketing the right strategy for you? Or would Facebook Ads work better? Maybe organic marketing is key since you have got a substantial engaged following?

Make the choice.

Go for it.

Pivot if need be.

To recap:






My TOP 15 Google Chrome Extensions

Here’s a list and a short video of my TOP 15 GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS that I believe every digital entrepreneur needs to add to his/her collection.

++ Facebook Pixel Helper

++ Wappalyzer

++ FireShot – Snagit

++ Full Page Screen Capture

++ Black Menu For Google

++ Hunter (Email Address Finder)

++ WhatFont

++ ColorZilla

++ Honey

++ FollowUp

++ Video Speed Controller

++ Vidyard Go Video

++ Agorapulse

++ Lastpass

++ Similarweb

And in case you need or want explanations, you can watch the full video here:

Hope you’ll find it valuable and don’t forget to comment with YOUR favorite chrome extension.

That time I studied abroad in South Korea…

I was so lucky the other day,

To visit my beloved university again where I had studied abroad.


It’s been 4 years,
since I’ve set foot onto this pavement.

4 years…

Of changes,
Challenges faced,
Hardships that happened,
New life experiences made,
New friends and business partners made,
And more.
Much more.

At the same time…

It seemed
as if I’ve just been there yesterday, walking through the tree-filled campus.

Laughing with my friends.
Dreaming about the future.
Planning on what to do in the evening.

The next moment,
It feels as if that was a different life that I’ve lived from the one I live now.


What school did you go to if you went to university?
And did you also do a study abroad while still in high-school or college?
If so, to where?
How was your experience?


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