How To Get Leads Out Of Facebook™ Groups?

If you are a digital service-based entrepreneur who struggles to get a regular flow of leads, Facebook™ Groups are awesome.

In fact, over these past 12 months I built up a multiple 6-figure agency by getting my leads out of Facebook™ Groups and WITHOUT spending any money on paid advertisement.

You can not only utilize Facebook™ Groups to get leads but also, to build up your list.

Let’s dive deeper into how that works!

If you have been following my posts and articles for a while now, you know that I’m a big advocator of organic marketing.


Because to this day, the best converting traffic is organic traffic.

Organic traffic is already pre-qualified in terms of people that know, like and trust you based on the type of valuable content you put on the web.

Personally, I’ve never liked sales. I am good at it.

However, I always knew that I wanted to position my agency and myself in a way to have people seek us out and come to us.

Truthfully, I would not want to have it any other way and chances are if you are reading this right now, you want to get to such a stage as well ;).

Especially with paid advertisement nowadays changing all the time, aspiring and new business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with using ads to get get leads.

Therefore and if you dedicate a couple of months to organic marketing, you will reap immediate benefits that far surpass putting a few ads out there.

Trust me. I have seen so many new online businesses die due to the fact that their ads budget has dried up.

So, let’s talk about how to acquire new business literally for free.

Let’s focus on building our brands for longevity and not just a quick buck.

With that being said…

There are 2 things that need to happen before you will get regular leads out of Facebook™ Groups in particular:

(1) You need to become VISIBLE.

(2) You need to add the right kind of VALUE.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners that start out using Facebook™ Groups for their lead generation attempts, do not know this:

At the beginning & whenever you join a new Facebook™ Group and you start posting and interacting with members in said Facebook™ group, your initial engagement rate of your posts and comments is going to be low.

This phenomenon is due to the Facebook™ algorithm.

The algorithm is smart.

ONLY if and when you show consistency, will your posts be automatically shown to more members of the group.

As a result, you want to be consistent and concentrate on 2-3 awesome Facebook™ groups (that are ideally filled with potential ideal clients/customers for you) at a time.

Most groups are not against getting leads from the groups per se but, they are against spammy and salesy self-promos.

Every admin (and I am an admin of multiple Facebook™ groups myself) cares about his/her community they are building.

They work hard on it, every single day.

If you come in with the sole purpose of spamming the group because you want to purely get leads, you not only appear desperate but you are also not making yourself any friends.

We are all in this together, especially as online entrepreneurs and business owners.

Therefore, you shouldn’t try and find the easy way out but realize that you have to work to build up relationships first.

The one thing I can tell you is that if you put in the work now for these next few weeks and you do it right, you are going to get leads from your interactions in groups exponentially.

I still get leads from posts or comments I’ve made last year!

With that being said, a lot of gurus mention that you just need to ‘add value’.

Well, what the heck does that really mean and how do you add value correctly?

This took me months to figure out.

Here are 4 types of posts (also referred to as Content Themes) that add value to the members of a Facebook™ group:

(1) Educational or teachable content (for example, anything industry specific lesson you’ve learned and that you can teach).

(2) Inspirational content (for example, a rags to riches story or an underdog kinda moment)

(3) Social proof (for example, if you’ve hit milestones of say a certain number of sales done from your funnel, etc.)

(4) Entertainment (for example, stories or anecdotes that stir up emotional responses in an audience).

Side note: If you want/need more help on how to craft amazing content, you might want to check out this other article on the blog:
In conclusion and to make sure that your posts are well perceived by a group’s audience, you want to make sure to split your posts’ content evenly between those 4 themes.
So, switch it up, keep things interesting and don’t forget to be consistent ;).
Let’s do this!
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5 Typical Sales Funnel Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Creating and implementing a successful sales funnel can be challenging but can also be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever face doing in your business’ career.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what a sales funnel is:

sales funnel is simply a marketing system.

It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to experience as they go from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer.

Here are the 5 most typical #funnelmistakes my team and I have identified and seen people do all the time but that you absolutely want to avoid:

Number 1 – TOO MANY STEPS.

Be sure to have if at all possible only one CTA (call to action) on each funnel page.

Every action that people take requires them to make a decision.

It’s your job to present that decision as simple as possible.


If you’re not a social media influencer of any kind or have a substantial email list, you need to send paid advertising to your site.

If your current budget doesn’t have room for paid advertising, then leverage the awesome power of Facebook groups for instance (if you need help with networking in Facebook groups, get my ultimate FREE Pdf blueprint on Facebook Networking for Entrepreneurs here).

Now, why do you need a lot of traffic?

(besides the obvious reason…)

You want to be able to collect enough numerical data to make an informed decisionand test out as well as optimize your funnel sufficiently.


Two words: Social sharing.

The more you actually share your funnel on your different social media networks, the more people will simply see your funnel and the more social proof you will gather.


If you’re not getting your customers, somebody else will get them.

Stop being afraid to sell

We all ‘sell’ each other at one point or another. Learn to tell your story and tell it with fire under your butt ;).


Split-test the heck out of each funnel step.

If you just have one opt-in page so far and one sales page as well as up-sell page of a funnel of yours, well…you NEED TO set up split tests as well as test different ‘ideas’ and how they relate to different audience segments.

Fall in love with testing <3.

How to drive traffic to your funnel if you’re just starting out and have no marketing budget yet for paid advertising?


“Duh,” you’re thinking.

Though, be prepared. You might not like the answer.

If you’re not at that point yet where you can utilize paid traffic, you gotta…

Yes, you guessed it.


There’s no other way around it.

Stop looking for a shortcut.

You gotta put your funnel in front of the eyes of your funnel’s ideal audience.

Which means that if you can’t utilize paid traffic YET (we’ve all been there at the beginning!), you’ve gotta invest the time to CONNECT with people!

How do you do that?

Well…a few creative ways to drive traffic to your funnel organically are:

  • Content swaps (where you write guest posts for another blog) – Be sure to pick a blog that has good site traffic. If the blog has a site traffic of 1,000 unique hits per month, your article obviously wont be getting a lot of exposure at all. You can check a sites traffic stats at:
  • Joint webinars (where you share the leads) that you promote on your social media platforms – People love a good partnership.
  • Get your P.R. game going on strong – Try writing for the Huffington Post or any other prestigious online magazine or blog. It can change your life.
  • Affiliate promotions – You have the content/product/service? Find someone that is missing that but has the social media influence and work out a deal with them.
  • Cold email contacts on Linkedin (yep, you’ve heard me say that but wait…) – It’s a long shot but if you’re great at writing engaging emails, it’s a good shot and you will find yourself connecting with very interesting international professionals of all walks of life.
  • Collaborative ebooks, free products, free email courses, workshops, etc. – Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate is the key (ever heard of Coldplay’s collaboration with Rihanna?).
  • Interview swaps – Got a podcast? Interview me? I’ll interview you. See where I’m going with this.
  • Run Giveaways with other entrepreneurs in your market – It doesn’t have to be physical giveaways, digital ones work great as well. The most important thing here is that they are perceived to be valuable to your market/audience.
  • Utilizing the simply awesome power of Facebook Groups. One of my favorite ones that is filled with awesome people is the one I am currently running #selfpromo ;), called:

NOTE: If you’re an introvert or having troubles truly connecting with peeps in FB groups, I have 8 words for you: You either make money or you make excuses.

  • Have any other ideas? – Be sure to comment down below.

Let’s do this!