7 Travel Packing Tips For Busy GoGetters: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Packing & Traveling

It’s 5:45 PM. I’ve just finished packing my suitcase for a flight I’m going to embark on tomorrow with Ben back to California with a layover in Barcelona. I can’t wait to visit one of the Tapas and Spanish meat places that they have at the Barcelona airport. But until I do, I wanted to put this post together for you guys after you voted on it on my Instagram Stories ;).

So, let’s diver straight into it because I’m sure y’all got a flight to catch somewhere.

TIP #1: Always Start With A Packing List

Have you ever heard that saying, “Who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Well, this is so true for packing for a trip a swell. Take an afternoon with a cup of coffee and make yourself a planned packing list ;).

If you don’t have one at hand, a good one is definitely this one from Amazon:

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TIP #2: The Marie Kondo Style Folding Method IS The Way To Go When Folding Your Clothes To Put Into Your Suitcase

I’ve tried many different things over the years of roaming the world and living out of a suitcase for months at a time. I’ve used the regular folding method, some packing cubes, airtight packing bags, etc. Most of these add-ons you can buy to organize your suitcase and minimize the space your clothes take up in your luggage, honestly more seem like a nuisance than actually help. At least, that’s my take on it.

After diving deep into Marie Kondo’s method of organizing last year…

Side Note: Check out this Youtube video of mine to see how crazy things got:

I realized that her folding and organizing style was awesome!

So, if you want your suitcase to be awesome and more efficient than probably your closet right now, learn more about this. A great video to start with is this one where she personally explains how to pack a suitcase:

It’s so lovely to be able to see EXACTLY what clothing items you purchased and to simply extract and add it back into the overall suitcase organization. True time-saver – hellooo!!!

TIP #3: Always Bring An Extra Outfit Plus Underwear And Socks In Your Hand Luggage

The only thing I’ll say is, you never know what can happen:

Either, you’re close to missing a flight, you run across the entire airport and then you smell like a person whose potentially never seen a deodorant before when you enter the cabin for a long-distance flight only to realize, you can’t do anything about it… no fun (and yes, happened to me before lol).

Or, somebody might loose your suitcase and one extra outfit can do a great deal for you without stressing you out too much.

TIP #4: Essentials For The Cabin

Here are some of my essentials I like to always, always bring with me in the cabin. The thing about air travel is that it’s so exciting. Each flight is new and different and you never know what might happen. It’s good to be prepared.

The Essentials List:

+ Eye Mask. Airplanes can be quite bright or, you can sit next to the bathroom in some machines, light falling onto you continuously throughout a long-distance flight even when you’re trying to sleep.

+ Noise-Cancelling Headphones And Extra Ear Plugs. You could be sitting next to a cute but loud baby, children, a dog that might bark consistently, a person that snored, you name it. Don’t get annoyed by your circumstance but control what you can control in the situation ;).

+ My Laptop, iPad or iPhone (depending on the length of the flight – the shorter the flight, the smaller of a device I will take with me unless I need my laptop for the trip) With A TV Show And A Movie I want To Watch. Yes, sometimes board computers can stop working. Be prepared.

+ A Facial Spray. The air in a cabin can get quite dry and I like to always feel fresh. Hence, I always, always bring a facial spray with me and it makes me feel refreshed in seconds.

+ Pain Killers. Whatever brand you prefer, bring a pain killer in case you start experiencing headaches from the difference in cabin pressure on a flight. Or, say you’re a gal that might get her period on a long-distance flight? Nothing worse than not having your preferred pain killer.

These were probably my can-not-travel-without ones. For a complete list and a fun video, check out this related blog post:

26 Products In My Carry-On I Can’t Travel Without

TIP #5: Buy A Bottle Of Water At The Airport

Depending on the airline you fly with, the stewardesses and stewards are better or well, worse at coming through the cabin with cups of water. It’s essential that you stay hydrated on a flight, especially a long-distance one.

I’ve found that the air crew never comes through the cabin enough (even business class!). So I always buy or bring a water bottle that I make sure to drink throughout the flight. Helps you get over jet-leg much faster too.

If you bring your own portable water bottle, be sure to empty it BEFORE you go through security! You don’t wanna be throwing no bottles away.

Side note: While you’re at it and if you’re into healthy eating like moi, pre-buy some healthy snacks that are going to fuel you throughout the day. If you want me to put together a ‘healthy snacking’ for travel list in another blog post, let me know in the comments <3.

TIP #6: Know Your Airline’s Baggage Fees & Regulations

I don’t know about you but to me there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait in line for somebody that is arguing with the check in attendee to be able to get their luggages on the flight and not overpay for a too-heavy luggage. Suuuper frustrating and annoying.

First, if your suitcase is too heavy and the airline wants to charge you for overweight luggage. Don’t be a dick and just pay it. It was your responsibility to check for the guidelines in the first place.

Second, your WHOLE travel experience is SO much better if you just make sure at home before hand that you’re in the parameters of the airline’s luggage guidelines – meaning weight AND size of both your regular and hand luggage.

With that being said, another thing to watch out for are truly the dimensions of your hand luggage. For example, American airlines are much more lenient towards letting you take a slightly bigger hand luggage onto the cabin (without taking it away from you and checking it in).

European airlines aren’t that lenient and many of them have much tighter restrictions when it comes to both weight in size.

From flying internationally for many years, I’ve found that this carry on I got one time in Paris is my absolute favorite. I NEVER have any problems with it! It’s a four-wheel piece of goodness, with an integrated break system so your carry-on will never roll away again, great storage spaces, easy access and more.

TIP #7: Follow The ‘Onion Rule’ When It Comes To Plane Travel

Whatever you do, make sure to pick a travel outfit that is made up of layers. So, for example, wear a tank top underneath a soft tee shirt and then throw on over a cardigan or put on a sweater. Depending on where you’re going or how cold it gets on the plane, you can take off clothes or put them on. The rest you simply put into your carry on.

Also, try to keep ‘bulky’ and ‘heavy’ items like boots and heavy Winter clothes to a minimum. Unless, of course, you are fashion blogger these clothing packing guidelines don’t apply.

But wherever you’re going, try to plan out your outfits. I always do this and maybe bring one or two extra variations for an outfit or items to swap out if I feel like this.

Overall, there’s this general rule I once heard that we always pack too many clothes. 50% of those we don’t need if we don’t plan our outfits in advance.

Okay! There were my TOP 7 travel packing tips. If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to put your name and email onto my list here <3:

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Did I miss any of your favorite travel packing tips? Let me know in the comments down below!

How To Marie Kondo Your Suitcase?

Packing can be stressful. 

Not only do you have to make arrangements for the fact that you will be leaving town and need to make sure your house/kids/pets/plants are taken care of, you also have to decide what to bring with you! Are you a light packer, or one who usually brings lots of items along, just in case?

At least for me, as a busy professional woman, I am sorely tempted to bring along a number of non-essentials. 

My hairdryer, my entire make-up arsenal (you just never know what kind of face you’re going to need to put on), books for the plane ride…pretty soon I have a bulky and heavy suitcase that is a pain to lug around. 

Never mind that it also probably weighs over 50 pounds and I’ll have to pay extra fees at airport check-in. No, thank you.

It’s sometimes tough to focus on packing when there’s so much else going on. Sometimes logic flies out the window during the packing process, especially if you’re short on time or feeling rushed. 

But with a little ingenuity and planning, you can Marie Kondo Your Suitcase like a boss and still have everything you need for your trip.

Golden Rule # 1: Does This Bring You Joy?

Marie Kondo’s main message is: If an item no longer (or never did) bring you joy, discard! The same is true when packing for a trip. 

So often we tend to haphazardly throw things in our bag that we end up never using or wearing. You wonder why you even brought it. So, for each piece, ask yourself: Does this bring you joy? Do you truly enjoy wearing/using it? 

If not, it doesn’t make the cut and doesn’t belong in your suitcase!

Packing Light is Key

This is true for a number of reasons. Not only is your suitcase lighter, but you won’t have to worry about overage fees when you check in at the airport. 

And depending on how long your trip is, you may even be able to get away with just a carry-on! Imagine that! In addition, having a lighter load means not dragging your luggage heavily over uneven concrete streets, or up flights of stairs when no elevator is available. Your back will thank you.

During the packing process, carefully smooth your clothes, fold any sleeves in and fold the piece in half lengthwise, then fold over, then in thirds (again using Marie Kondo’s method.) This way, you can pack them upright so you can easily spot and grab. 

Underwear and socks are another issue. These tend to get soiled more easily, but only take a few pair as most accommodations these days provide laundry facilities and you can wear several things more than once.

Mix and Match

When planning outfits, choose the appropriate number of tops and bottoms where you can mix and match to make several different outfits from just a few pieces.

The idea is to essentially turn one outfit into three!

Use neutral colors whenever possible, and choose pieces all from the same color palette. In this way, you can turn three tops and three bottoms into about nine ensembles!

And ladies, don’t forget to bring a couple of lightweight dresses to throw into the mix ;).

If it helps, lay out all clothing so you can visually see what the items look like together. Shoes/boots/sandals should be treated the same way. 

I always, always, always hang up all of the clothing I’m thinking of taking on a rack first and then, I go through a process of elimination to decide which final i.e. 9 outfits I want to bring with me. It’s super helpful!

Try to pack only two or three pairs of footwear and coordinate them with your outfits. Nothing is clunkier or takes up more space than your shoes.

Packing Cubes are King

They are like a guardian angel for organization and arranging things where they are easily found. Having tops, bottoms, dresses and underwear in their own compartments with clear, see-through packing cubes makes things so much easier.

They also help compress some of your items in your suitcase, leaving room for more bulky items or room for things you will inevitably buy during your trip!

Just don’t get too carried away with the shopping – it’s also a good idea to apply the same ‘will this bring me joy’ philosophy when shopping on the road. Anything you want to buy should pass through two filters:

1) Will this be something I’ll still want to own when I get back home?

2) Will it fit into my suitcase?

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been using these packing cubes and I totally love them :):

Cosmetics and Other Essentials

Since most airlines will let you take one carry-on and one purse/small bag with you on the plane, it makes sense to stow your make-up and any other essentials such as medication and electronics in your carry-on luggage.

Think about what activities you have planned and pack your cosmetics accordingly, taking only what you need. For example, if this is strictly a beach holiday, chances are you won’t need a lot (or any) makeup for that, just plenty of sunscreen and a hat or two!

Go through all of your cosmetics carefully as you are packing. Do you really need that extra lipstick shade or eyeshadow palette? Keep is simple. Less is more, always!

And it goes without saying to use TSA-approved travel sizes for any liquids you have, otherwise you will need to check it in your suitcase.

Side note: If you’d want to check out and find out what I put into my carry-on cosmetics bag, check out this blog article I wrote a little while ago. It’s full of my 26 must-have items to look fresh and be ready to take on your next adventure, even after a long-haul flight ;):

26 Products In My Carry-On I Can’t Travel Without

Be Prepared

Another pro tip you may have heard before, but it bears repeating – throw one basic outfit and set of underwear into your carry-on luggage.

Just in case the airlines lose your luggage, you have something to wear for a day as you’re waiting to get your luggage back. This is especially true for long-haul flights.

The above tips and tricks will ensure your luggage is light, clutter-free and easy to manage.

Having just the necessities during a trip will make you feel like you’re covered, while also taking some of the worry out of keeping track of too many belongings <3.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you did and/or share it with your friends ;).

And now – I’m curious – how about you? Do you have any tips you use when packing the Marie Kondo way? Please leave a comment, I’d love to know what you do!

26 Products In My Carry-On I Can’t Travel Without

Or, the art of packing your hand luggage.

One of the coolest things about being an online business owner is that you can meet up in real life with the cool peeps you interact with online on a daily or regular basis, at industry conferences around the world.

Today, I came back from Orlando, Florida, where I attended the Funnel Hacking Live Conference #fhl2018 .

Most people actually don’t know this about me but I’m very systematic and organized when it comes to preparing for a trip. I’m a PRO at packing and made an art out of it.

It probably started when I was just eighteen years old and decided to attend university in Hawaii. I needed to move my ENTIRE life from Austria to the U.S. at that time.

Ever since then, I’ve flown SO many times internationally as well as domestically that I’ve really perfected my packing.

Today, I wanted to share my carry-on list with you and hope you’ll find it helpful.

NOTE: The things I carry with me vary a little bit depending on the purpose of the trip. However, the things I'm listing here will ensure you have a nice and relaxing flight while being prepared for all sorts of events during a flight.

One of the most important things is what you bring with you into the cabin.

& Depending on the things you carry with you, it can make or break your flight experience. Trust me.

I’ve flown about 18 times alone last year, so here’s my secret to packing my carry-on and that will ensure you an enjoyable flight experience.


I currently use the Samsung Galaxy s8. On my phone, I have downloaded my favorite podcasts, a couple of audiobooks as well as several music playlists.

Depending on what you like to listen to or watch, just do you ;).


Of course, as an online business owner and entrepreneur I can never forget my laptop. Having access to my laptop is my livelihood.

A book for entertainment

You never know when the board computer of an aircraft won’t work or if your computer decides to stop working suddenly.

Yes, all of those things have happened before to me.

As a result and as to not go crazy out of boredom on a long-distance flight, I always bring a good book with me.

For fiction, I recommend A Nightingale by Kristin Hannah in case you haven’t read it thus far.

For non-fiction, I recommend The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.


I never liked the fairly cheap airline headphones that the stewardesses usually provide you with. Instead, I love bringing my BOSE headphones on short-distance flights as well as my larger BOSE noise-cancellation headphones on long-distance flights.


I love finding unique and purposeful notebooks such as the one in the video (which is sold out I just saw) or this one on Etsy:

Something to write with

The pens by the company Kyinflose are great. You can find them here.


Altoids are great (or any other sugar-free mints) or plain old simple chewing gum works too ;).

And in case you didn’t know, here is an interesting read on relieving air pressure when traveling in combination with chewing gum.


Due to the air pressure on a long-distance flight I sometimes (if rarely) get headaches. Ibuprofen is my go-to pain killer for that or, for whatever unplanned occurrence.


Organic lib balm is awesome and helps to keep your lips moist and shiny. My favorite one is the one from H for Love.

Mouth Hygiene 

Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash are something that never miss from my carry-on luggage. Ever since getting Invisalign, I’ve totally gotten into the habit of brushing my teeth after each meal that I consume. And, it helps to keep my teeth nice and white as well ;).

Essential Oil

Lavender oil calms you down if you simply rub a tiny bit right underneath your nose and in the middle of the forehead. It also helps to fall asleep. In case you don’t like the smell of Lavender Oil but rather prefer a different smell, go ahead and take that one with you.


For some odd reason, I personally love the earthy smells that men’s deodorants have. As a result, I use any of the Old Spice deodorants.

Moisturizing Facial Spray

This is SO refreshing if you do that. A little tip of mine ;). I love the beauty elixir spray by Caudalie. I use it a lot throughout the flight and it immediately makes me feel as if I was sitting in a fresh-smelling forest, rather than in an often times stuffy plane.


In case you don’t do Gel Nails when getting ready for a conference or before leaving for vacation, I’d highly recommend brining a nail file. My favorites are the ones by MAKARTT.

Lady Products

Even if you don’t have your period during the time that you’re traveling, bring a few extra pads regardless. Once, when I was flying, my seat neighbor desperately needed some and I was able to provide her with some.

So, if you carry them with you, you’re always prepared to not only help yourself but a fellow lady out as well ;). The Menstrual pads that I recommend are the ones by RAEL. They are great and I’m happy to see that lady products are actually being made of better, non-toxic materials now.


In case little leftover crumbs from the airplane food get stuck in your teeth, floss will be the solution.

Eye drops

Eye drops are particularly helpful during a long-distance flight. I always get irritation in my eyes after long-distance flights. So, in order to not look like a red-eyed demon or something like that, I always make sure to carry eye drops with me.


You cut yourself sometimes or get blisters from your shoes. It happens. That’s why I always have one emergency tube of Neosporin with me.

Hair band

If you’re a woman and have hair that’s longer than past your shoulder, carrying a couple of extra hair bands with you can help a lot. I like these ones because they are super cute.


I’m pretty European when it comes to certain things and so, I always carry some form of perfume with me. When I travel I usually like perfume roller balls or small travel sizes. In case you can’t get some samples from your local Sephora, I recommend the Pre De Provence Rollerball.


As a gal, you never know when you see a little hair somewhere along your brow lines (or in between your nose) that’s not exactly where it should be. A tweezer is here to help. My favorites are certainly the tweezers by Revlon.

Hair brush or comb

My hair can get pretty knotted up after a flight if I don’t brush it out right after we arrive at my destination airport. It’s probably because I like to leave it open since it is more comfortable.

In order to look all neat and tidy when I arrive at my destination, I like to comb through my hair with a comb or hair brush I carry with me. It can make such a difference.

I particularly love this Boar bristle hair brush and comb set here.

Moisturizing Cream

My absolute all-time favorite, light-weight flight moisturizing cream is the one by Dr. LJH. It’s by far the best cream I’ve ever used (particularly for the price as well). You can get it here.

Copyright by Shiptohome


Ideally, I only put on Mascara when I get off the plane (unless I’m coming from the conference or a business meeting).

The Mascara of my choice is DIOR’s Diorshow Iconic. It’s the sexiest mascara ever by far.


Once we land, I’ll stop by the restroom real quick and apply a layer of lipstick. The European in me feels totally put together and ready to take on the world as long as I wear lipstick.

My current favorite one is also by DIOR ADDICT and the color of my choice is Sauvage (as you can see in my video).


Finally, having a concealer in your purse always proves to be helpful. Especially, during busy business trips, I tend to sometimes break out because of the lack of sleep and excitement.

So, guess which brand of concealer I use? That’s right. It’s by DIOR again and is the Diorskin Forever Undercover Waterproof Concealer in Light Beige. I’m currently a huge fan of their products.

And that was it! This was my list. I hope that you found it helpful. If so, be sure to share this blog post and let me know in the comments down below which products in your carry-on you can’t travel without. 

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