17 Hats Review: The MOST Powerful Business App (For Small Businesses Like Yours!)

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Your business is going great.

You’ve started a few months ago and now you have several clients in your client folder and are excited to work with them.

However, you’re starting to feel really overwhelmed because you are using just a plain old (and sometimes very messy looking excel spreadsheet) to keep track of all your clients all the time.

You try and keep track of what information you need to get from them as well as when.

You need to keep track of invoicing and payment plans, etc.

It’s SO much to think about and that was definitely not something you thought you had to manage better when starting your business.

After all, when you first start out in your business, you need to focus on sales and getting re-occurring clients by doing an awesome job for them.

That part never fully stops.

However and in order to free up even more time so you can focus on sales and service your existing clients better, you need to automate your invoicing and on-boarding process.

In short, having a process is SO important when wanting to scale up your business!

Enter the miracle worker that is 17 Hats <3.

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What are the benefits of using 17 Hats

In short, you are going to have everything in ONE place and one place alone.

Pretty cool, huh?

This also helps you get way more organized in your business.

And trust me, if I can get organized (I always think of myself as the creative type who actually has a pretty hard time getting organized lol), so can you ;).

Of course, there are many more cool features as well, such as:

Now, one thing should be clear after looking at the features.

You are going to able to organize a workflow inside 17 Hats which sends out an automated invoice to your client whenever payment is due.

Also, if you have payment plans in place, you can super easily pre-automate when and after what time frames, an invoice must go out to what client.

You put in the specifications for that once and benefit from its automation for years to come.

17 Hats also allowed you to get paid by credit card or the funds from the paid invoices will be deposited straight to your account.

Next, let me show you another cool feature of 17 Hats my team and I use all the time because it frees up so much time in our day-to-day operations.

The AUTOMATED client onboarding workflow.

I don’t know about you, but life can get busy and I’m not the most organized person…

One part of 17 hats that has been super helpful is the “workflows”.

A workflow is basically the process you take clients through, everything from sending the initial quote to delivery and ongoing maintenance.

While every client is unique and special in their own way, the process tends to be similar when I’m on a roll.

What I did is I looked at my latest client and created a workflow in 17 Hats from the emails, agreements, invoices, questionnaires I sent as well all the emails I should have sent to keep them up to date.

A workflow in 17 hats is something you set up once and when you trigger that workflow for a new project, it pre-populates the templates you set up for your email, agreements, invoices, questionnaires and progress emails.

Now for each stage in the process, you’ll be notified to review the template for that stage and make adjustments to customize it for the new customer), then it gets sent out after your approval and gets marked as complete and the next step is triggered for review and action.

I have found that this not only makes your life easier but creates the space to hire a project manager much much easier.

The final product pretty much looks something like this:

In conclusion

I ended up waiting way too long before starting to automate my invoicing and client onboarding process.

As a result, it directly hurt my business because I was not able to scale up as fast as I could have been.

So, I would really encourage you that even if you end up for whatever reason (although, I can not see why 😉 ), not using 17 Hats, to definitely figure out some other process that you can implement and automate.

After all, we want to run smart businesses and not have our business run us. Right?

If you found this article to be helpful, be sure to like and share it with your community. If you have any questions or are already using 17 Hats and are loving it, just let me know in the comments section down below.


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