Let’s Get Real.

November 16, 2017

Hey guys, I want to address something on this blog. I keep getting messages from many of you that they totally envy my travels, see the cool places I visit and the kind of lifestyle I have. However, what many of you don’t see is the behind-the-doors stuff. #gettingrealhere. There’s so many tears I’ve cried […]

My hands were clammy. I brushed them off against the fabric of my washed-out denim for the like millionth time. I was nervous. Not because I was stepping into the airplane to start my thirty-five-hour journey to Hawaii, but because I was leaving the place I was born in. I was moving away. Across the […]


November 5, 2017

Welcome to my personal blog… If you already know me than you know that I love to take risks. Taking creative risks are among my favorites. I love to be able to test different things and share with you stuff that I already know and learned through trial and error as a digital entrepreneur and […]