The Future Of Content Marketing

And why it still continues to be so important to create consistent high-quality content.

A lot of our clients at Funnel Gal have recently asked us about our take on content marketing since there has been some talk in the internet marketing industry that it has somewhat become too saturated.

Now, here is what I usually answer them and I thought it was so important for every (aspiring or experienced) internet entrepreneur to hear, that I wanted to take the time to create a blog post on it.

Just like with everything else, people in general buy from someone or from a company that they know, like and trust.

Unless, of course, you are planning on truly creating something disruptive and innovative that in itself will create an entirely new ‘category’ in a niche market – or the economy as a whole (!), you can NOT expect people to buy from you, or to turn them into your clients/customers, right away.

Let’s face it, there is sooo much competition out there.

Almost, for everything you might want to do or what market you want to grow your business in, there’s going to be hundreds of other people/entrepreneurs doing the exact same thing.

And that is actually not necessarily a bad thing!


Because that means that there is an already existing true market demand there for whatever it is that you are doing (or want to do).

However and now the question arises, how can you set yourself apart?


What can you do that makes you truly different, that sets you apart from your competition?

Well…the answer?

You have to literally put a ‘face’ for your ideal client/customer to your product/service/business!

A face that over time, people will get to know, like and trust.

How do you best achieve that?

By creating and sharing high quality, strategic content in whatever form you choose to share said content.

By opening up about what you are all about and what you truly have to offer to add value to other people’s lives.

And by also distributing your various content throughout the right distribution channels to your ideal audience.

There’s your sustainable long-term business right there ;).


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