How a little plugin extension increased our purchase conversion rates by 32%.


You currently use Clickfunnels as your funnel building software of choice.

In case you aren’t yet or are still on the fence,

Read more on why my team and I use Clickfunnels for pretty much all of our sales funnels as well as the ones for most of our clients.

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Without further ado though,

The thing that my team and I did in order to get a 32% higher opening rate almost immediately was to add a PAYPAL payment option (in addition to our standard credit card payment option) to every order form.

But hold on, there is a lot more to that (details following shortly)…

You see, a lot of countries and cultures around the world are still opposed to using credit cards.

I was born and grew up in Austria and I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is VERY hard to be able to pay for a lot of day-to-day things in Austria using a credit card.

In America, my credit card is pretty much all I use.

Most people in Europe continue to use cash or a standard bank account.

When it comes to fulfilling online payments, the number of people who want or have credit cards dwindle even further.

This might change in the future but for now, this is something you have to keep in mind as an online business owner and entrepreneur, selling to an international audience.

As such, adding a more widely used Paypal order form will most definitely increase the conversion rates of your purchases.

The problem is that in order to checkout with PayPal, the customer has to leave the funnel,

Which means you lose out on a potential upsell, not to mention the customer not seeing the confirmation/thank you page. 

Sure you can go into PayPal and set the auto-redirect in the web setting and tell it to always return to your up-sell page once the checkout is complete.

The problem with that is though, you can only give ONE ADDRESS for PayPal to forward people to.

Which means you can’t use it for other products, funnels, or even send people to your order confirmation page.

No good. 

My team and I discovered a great group of people that came up with a simple solution, a plugin that does the following:

1. Adds the PayPal option into the actual credit card element of the order form 

2. Re-directs people to the page you want it to

3. Allows you to easily set up subscription plans with PayPal

4. Looks and works great!

Click here for more info:…

In case you’d love to see how to install it in real time, my business partner Ben Claybrook has recorded a detailed video on it which you can view here:

Here is to starting off 2018 with a BANG ;)!

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