A Letter To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This is for all you aspiring entrepreneurs…

I call bullshit on anyone saying that entrepreneurship or becoming an entrepreneur is easy.

If that would be the case, everyone would do it.

However, in today’s economy, entrepreneurship is the ONLY ‘safe way’.

It is the only way to realize your dreams.

It is the only way to achieve control over your life – financially, spiritually and, most importantly, over your TIME.

Now, this might sound like a paradox to you because why then is not everyone doing it already?

Well, it’s because people don’t know any better, they are afraid, they do not believe in themselves, or they are too lazy.

Trust me.

It is one of those things.

I’m guessing that since you guys are reading this letter, you are neither of those things or if you are one or two of them, you’re trying to get better.

You are attempting to get over your fear.

You are attempting to develop discipline.

And that’s good.

You’re right there with us.

But I also have news for you and you might know this already.

There will always be days where you’d rather stay in bed and not work.

The fear will never quite go away.

This feeling of not knowing how certain actions you take today will play out tomorrow.

But this is also the beauty of it!

Because you have complete control over those actions!

Don’t like an outcome?

Change something.


Ask a person you look up to for advice.

Whatever it is, never stop being in motion.

With each new step you take and action you set, you’re one step further on this journey called life.

I truly believe that entrepreneurship in all of its beauty is THE only thing you can do in tomorrow’s economy that will allow you to create and lead a life you WANT TO LEAD.

Something like ‘job security’ doesn’t exist anymore.

Employment is moving towards hiring individual freelancers who have specific skill sets that are needed for a specific job and entrepreneurs creating jobs.

The big corporations with all their ancient bureaucratic processes are moving way too slow.

They can’t keep up with the constant changes that are not only happening in the economy but also from a socio-economic standpoint.

Anyway, if you are or want to be an aspiring entrepreneur, I say you are on the right track.

Not only that, you’re ahead of the pack.

So, don’t give up.

Never give up!

Now, the only thing you need to do is EXECUTE.







Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride ;).

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