Which TYPE of marketing or sales funnel is right for my business?

The great thing about sales funnels is that every business needs leads and/or sales so they can be of help to every business.

It’s just a matter of finding the right strategy and implementing it…

As we all very well know already at this point, there are several types of funnels you can use to potentially send a prospect on a discovery and ultimately sales journey of your brand/business.

Some of these types of funnels are:

+ Webinar sales funnel (can be live or automated or a combination of both)

+ Tripwire (= low cost offering) funnel

+ Free + Shipping funnel

+ Traditional sales funnel with an up-sell and/or down-sell

+ Opt in funnel

+ Client acquisition funnel

+ High ticket sales funnel

+ Etc.

These are only a few examples of types of funnels you can use in your own business to get the desired result.

Which brings me to the first thing you want to make sure to get clear on before even thinking of a ‘type of funnel’:

(1) WHAT is your primary objective? 

WHAT do you hope to achieve with this funnel?

WHY do you want to even generate leads?

Is it…

Sell an online course?

Grow an email list?

Get prospects on a phone call?

Fill up a live event?


Now, once you get clear on this goal, you essentially start REVERSE-ENGINEERING.

(2) WHAT are you selling?

a) Digital product?

i) Consider the following strategies:

Tripwire (low cost products)

Webinar (high cost products)

Opt-in funnel (as an intro funnel for both low and high cost)

b) Physical product?

i) Consider the following strategies:

Free + Shipping (low cost products)

Tripwire funnel (high cost products with a low cost intro offer)

Optin funnel (as an intro for both low and high cost)

c) Services

i) Consider the following strategies:

Client acquisition funnel

Irresistible Offer funnel (Optin funnel – good for brick and mortar)

Webinar funnel

The next step is to get clear on exactly what it is that we want to sell.

If you are struggling with this, than this means essentially that you have to do more market research to validate your product or sales idea.

If you’ve done enough of it, you’ll know without a shred of doubt.

(3) WHO are you selling – whatever it is you are selling – to? WHAT medium can you use to best sell it to them?

Target market, ideal customer/client,…you want to be clear about those things.

Also, where are they hanging out at?

What form of medium do they seem to prefer?

I.e.: If you are a copywriter and want to get more copywriting clients, they want to most likely see more of your writing craft.

As a result, having a video bait element might defeat the purpose.

I.e.: If you are a coach, you want to show your prospects your persona and what you’re all about – hence, a video bait/freebie might be a perfect fit.

(4) HOW much does your product cost (if anything)?

I.e.: Is it a low cost product, you might want to be using a tripwire sales funnel because a webinar would be too much work in essence and not worth investing your time in.

Are you selling a high ticket item (like a course for $997 or more), you probably want to be using a live webinar funnel to make sure you get those conversions you want to get.

(5) Do you plan on closing sales on the phone?

Now you want to make sure to add a ‘client intake form’ to your client acquisition funnel in order to get the phone number and all the other information you potentially need from your prospect in order to call them.

(6) Do you have CONTENT ready you can use as a freebie/bait element?

If so, start out with an OPT IN PAGE and go from there.

(7) Analyze and see what it is that your competitors are doing.

One of the fastest way to build a funnel that converts is learn from what it is your competitors are already doing.

Not copy!

But learn from the flow of their funnel that they are using and put your own spin on it.

There might be a reason why they use a certain type of funnel with their target market and if you are in the same industry and have a similar or even the same target market, you want to use the SAME TYPE of funnel.

Finally – please remember – you do not know what you do not know.

When it comes to the funnel world, the best thing you can do is to:

[A] Do your research.

[B] Implement fast.

[C] Analyze the numbers and data.

[D] Pivot if necessary.

[E] Test again until you find a winner.

[F] Optimize and scale.

If you’re about to create (or have been creating) a funnel for yourself but still aren’t sure yet if you chose the correct ‘type’ and want continuous guided mentorship while becoming part of an awesome community, be sure to check out Funnel PRO Academy (https://funnelproacademy.com/welcome-2017).

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