I believe…

I believe I am a person. A human to be precise.

I believe that my fate lies within me, but is beyond my reach. I will only be able to find it in my dreams, the dreams of my imagination.

I believe that time can heal everything, but not love. Love cannot heal everything, especially when love is betrayed. 

I believe that you have to make your own truth in order to be willing to survive.

I believe that there is no better way to live than with purpose.

I believe that I will be great one day. An inspiration for generations to come.

I believe that I will never stop being a dreamer. Why? Because reality is just like a canvas of my imagination, less colorful and less beautiful.

I believe that the most beautiful things are the ones you cannot touch, nor smell, or see, just feel. Feel with such an aching heart, that it is hard for you to breathe. 

I believe that you can die an inner death if you let yourself be consumed by the negative emotions of your past. Everyone has those. So, don’t.

I believe that the best medicine to heal a wounded heart are your friends. They can be your best medicine, or worst poison.

I believe that you should be the only person to answer to. No one else. 

I believe that life is worth living but that it is easier to not use it to the best of one’s capabilities, because life has a natural tendency to throw rocks in your way. 

I believe in myself. 

I believe in the unpredictable.

I believe that people misunderstand the concept of money. Money is not the important thing. It is the thing that money gives you. Power. 

I believe that you are not given anything in life. As a result you should not expect anything. Those who expect certain things shall be given to them, in one form or another, will never reach true richness or happiness. Be humble.

I believe I will always hunger for more. I will always crave for something. This something, that has not let me come to peace since I was a young girl. I would pay someone an insurmountable amount of money if that someone would know what that something is that I have been searching for.

I believe that I am a seeker. 

I believe that I am only as free as I let myself to be.

I believe that we are destined to live our lives haunted by our past, be it our own – or history’s. 

I believe that there is hope. I have to.

I believe in faith. Or else, what else is out there?

What is it that you believe in? I would love to read about it in the comment section down below. 

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