True behind-the-scenes look of making a $20,000 revenue/month.

The past few months, my team and I have been fluctuating with our monthly revenue around the $12,000/month mark.

However, we’ve put several things in place these past three months which catapulted our revenue up by $7,000 so that we have reached a new break-through.

Every new revenue goal that you set for yourself and that you pass, it is like a learning lessons in and off itself.

The most important part though is that you now know,

“Ah! I’ve achieved this. I can do this. Now, what’s next?”

It’s almost as if you are a mountain climber and you have just climbed a little hill, only to be looking at a steeper one right now.

Guess what?

You can not think about the end of the trail that is still tens of miles aways.

Instead, you have learned that you need to be focusing on the next step and the next step.

If you at least take one more step,

Well, than you know that you will eventually also climb the next, steeper hill.

Feel free to sit down at times if you feel exhausted and need a moment to breathe and to rejuvenate yourself ;).

It does not matter if you race to the mountain or walk in leisurely pace.

It is your business, your life, your decision.

Without further ado, here is what you can expect to pocket away from a $20,000 revenue month.

One, my team and I have just hit in case I have not mentioned it thus far.

Side note: I lead a small team of talented people that provide funnel and content marketing to established businesses. We work with them to take their digital strategy to the next level to increase: exposure, visibility, client and lead flow, brand awareness, engagement as well as revenue.

Our focus is on unique story-telling because I truly believe that if people can connect with a business or entrepreneur in a unique way, competition becomes extinct – even, in a possibly crowded market.

If done the right way, digital storytelling is innovative in and of itself.

Moving on.

Here’s the quick breakdown of our income.

Service Based Income (Client work):

$18,000 – this includes things like Sales Funnel build outs, Facebook ads, content marketing, and coaching.

Sales Based Income (Digital Courses):

$1,300 – this includes any digital course sales for the month of any one of my online programs. You can find a full list of my current programs here:

Sooo much room to grow though!

Sometimes we just get so busy helping our clients, we don’t invest enough time in our own products.  

Of course, client work comes first ;).

Affiliate Based Income (Getting paid to refer other peoples products or services):

$728 – this is pretty passive income since we don’t really actively advertise affiliate products as much as we could.

How is it passive?

Well, take for instance this blog post and me pointing out to you that you can check an entire breakdown of the companies, softwares and products we work with in the ‘RESOURCES‘ tab of this blog. I include the link here and a percentage of you will go check it out.

An even smaller percentage will decide to try out a trial of one of these recommended products. I am than getting a cut from the company for referring you after you have continued to stay on even after the trial expired or you bought the product flat out.

Total income = $20,028

Now on the surface this number looks nice.

I am also sure that I will have the entire amount in my pocket one of these next few months ;).

However and for those of you that are already running a business, there are several things that are naturally taken out from this revenue to get to the actual PROFIT number.

By the way, if you have not read Profit First by Mike Michelowitz yet, I can only highly recommend it! That book changed my business’s accounting and the overall HEALTH of my company.


Diverse Online Softwares: $640

Wonderful Contractors: $2,200 (yes, my business partner and I still do a ton in house and are slowly getting better at trying to not do everything ourselves)

Facebook Ads: $238 (most of the client deals currently come through organic marketing on Facebook – see CONNECT)

Merchant transaction fees: $579

Taxes (oh hello, my dear friend <3): $2,780

Net (Not counting all the other expenses like health insurance…) $13,591

Note: I reside in California and my business is registered here. Hence, the Californian tax regulations apply to us.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner (or are currently maybe struggling a bit at setting your goals for the next year because you do not know what your deductions are going to be), I hope that this article was helpful to you.

Feel free to leave comment down below should you have any questions whatsoever. I always reply.

Let’s do this!

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