A Word On Facebook Groups

How many Facebook Groups are you a part of?

Let’s be honest.

Over 200!?

{Comment with your number #️ and you’ll be surprised at all the big numbers from your fellow blog readers}

You see, I know…

I’ve been a Facebook Groups owner for close to 2 years now.

Heck, I’ve ran 4 different Facebook Groups in the process and have been a moderator in a few more.

And guess what?

On average, people that have joined my groups or the ones I have moderated for have belonged to at least 38 (!) other groups.

That’s on average.

Do you know what that means?

A lack of FOCUS.

Not only that?

There’s something else I want to address in here.

But let’s stick with the lack of focus part of this post for a second.

How much time do you have available each day?
And how many of the Facebook Groups you are a part of are active (meaning the group admins are doing a good job in keeping the group alive)?

There will be about 2-5 pretty active ones from the like 38 you’re a part of.

If you just hop into those groups, read random posts and than fall victim to scrolling down the Facebook Groups content heaven…
Well, you pretty much lost focus.

Not only that, there is another phenomenon that I’ve been witnessing.

A lot of the times (and this is especially true for fellow Facebook Groups owners) you start feeling sort of discouraged .

You continuously monitor and almost ‘stalk’ other groups, group admins and active members of groups (yes, I said stalk lol!)…

You keep reading about the process people are making and the successes they’ve seen…

You keep reading about the money they earn, the Huffington Post article they are going to publish, etc., etc.

All the while you are stuck in your little office – wherever that might be – on your computer or laptop feeling…well, down.


Because – honestly – you focus too much on WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING.

So what is the SOLUTION ?

Leaving all those group?
Not necessarily.

Let’s focus on the essential…

Which is…

Turn OFF the notifications to 99% of the Facebook Groups you’ve joined in your lifetime on Facebook.

Only continue to leave on the notifications or stay a member of 2, maximal 3 (!) Facebook Groups and even then, monitor your time.

I would still suggest you to turn off all recommendations even to those top Groups but instead,

Put them onto the SHORTCUTS section of your Facebook dashboard and check in to see what’s new in the groups a few DESIGNATED times per week – not more.

You will be amazed at how much more focus, time, energy and inspiration you can draw from focusing on your own stuff!

Especially, once you’re able to start seeing the growth, you will continue to be doing this.

Don’t feel down anymore.


Focus on yourself more.

This will also help you be more authentic.

Because the more group admins and people you follow inside those groups,
The more you unconsciously copy what it is that they are doing without listening to your INSTINCTS and sharing with us a part of YOU.

I want to see more of YOU <3.

I know this was long but I hope it helped.

Let’s do this!






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