How to find & attract the type of client you’d like to work with?

If you’re a new business owner or a seasoned one, the one question that you keep asking yourself revolves around your ‘ideal client’ or, more particularly:

“How to identify and attract the type of client I want to work with?”

In other words, “what’s the ideal client for my business?”

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog for a while now or you follow me on social media, you know I’m a big fan of the saying:

This rings no more true then when determining and deciding what clients to work with!

At this point and if you’re still fairly fresh in your business, you might be secretly asking, “But why? Why is it really so important?”

I want to make sure to answer this because if you understand this right now, your future business will thank you a thousand fold later on ;).

Working with the right or ideal client can make the work or service you do for them not feel like actual work. Truly! You’re going to love getting up in the morning because you so enjoy working with them and their cause!

Imagine you’ve just quit your 9-5 a couple of months ago… you just managed to sign on a few clients and you couldn’t be more proud.

But a majority of them will soon turn out to be the ‘wrong clients’ for you.

A few more weeks or couple of months into your business, you’re going to find asking yourself WHY YOU EVEN QUIT YOUR 9-5 IN THE FIRST PLACE!

You’re going to feel nervous, tired, anxious hopping on a call with these clients, uncomfortable actually doing the work for them, etc.

I’ve honestly experienced and seen it all.

That’s why I’m so passionate about this topic!

Because I’ve seen a lot of budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, actually shut down their business and go back to a regular job!

And all, because they didn’t receive any help and couldn’t figure out how to:

[A] Identify and attract the right type of client to work with.


[B] Charge the right pricing for their services and not down-sell themselves, even as they’re just starting out.

{The latter I’m going to be dedicating another in-depth blog post on soon, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to this blog to get notified when that is ;).}

So, let’s focus on [A] so that your business dreams you’ve harbored during your regular job (or while still in college), actually do come true <3. Ready?!


This may seem counterintuitive at first but a big portion of figuring out who you want to work with has to do with understanding who you are.

You didn’t expect that, did ya?

So, I want you to pick up your journal right now and answer the following questions:

  1. Am I the kind of person that cares about the cause of a business and/or brand? Or, do I care more about the usability of the product?
  2. Do I love talking to people on the phone, do video conferences, etc.? Or, do I prefer to communicate with people in business through email and in writing in general?
  3. What’s my personality type? Once I know this, I know which other personality types and characters I match well and which ones to avoid.
    1. A great way to determine your personality type has been the 16Personalities test. It only takes 12 minutes to complete and the results are astounding.
  4. Do I want to work with experienced, high-end clients and close projects of $15,000 and up? Or, do I feel more comfortable working with beginning business owners and charge $1,000 for my average service?

This list of questions could go on and on.

Typically and once you start journaling, you’re going to find yourself writing away and coming up with one point after the next.

Once you are done, step away and look at it.

I betcha a certain type of persona that you want to work with has already started creating itself in your mind.


Often times when we’re in the grind and the hustle and bustle of daily business activities, it’s easy to forget why we got into business in the first place.

Remind yourself right now…

+ What the number one reason was?

+ What was the moment that sparked that fire inside your chest to start your business?

+ Why did you want to do your particular business? There’s a thousand and more other things you could have done. Why did you choose this? And if you haven’t started your business yet, why do you want to be doing XYZ?


Have you ever heard that each great business has also a great mission?

If you haven’t taken the time to craft out a mission statement for your new business yet, now is the time!

What are some causes that you care about? Are there causes that you and your ideal client have in common?

Look at the clients you’ve already worked with in the past or, are working with right now. What aspects of their business do you enjoy growing the most?

Why do you want to be thinking about all that?

Because people do business with people and brands they trust.

Crafting out your mission statement and being vocal about it on your social media, creates trust in your ideal clients that you and only you are the right person for them to work with!


When it comes to any and all industries, there are particular client and customer types already pre-created.

In case you’re completely innovating your industry, you might want to create a new ‘client or customer persona’.

But for most of us, identifying your own ideal client has a lot to do with researching your industry in addition to getting clear on your own business and yourself.

Now, how do you do this?

There are a few ways to go about your research.

According to TopDogSocialMedia, here is a way to do it:

If you are B2B, try Googling the companies and organizations you would love to work with. Read the bios of their senior decision makers to learn more about them. You can gain additional information on these people (and others similar to them) on LinkedIn and Twitter.
If you are B2C, imagine each type of ideal client. For example, perhaps you are you looking for busy soccer moms or millennials who commute to work. Create a clear picture in your mind of who each of these people are.
Now construct a list of possible labels for each of your top ten clients.
What label will each most strongly identify with? Make note of the commonalities and differences.
Use these labels to create a clear picture of who your ideal clients are and how they see and represent themselves to the world.

Next, if you already have a website for your business, be sure to integrate it with a Facebook Pixel!

I can not stress how important it is because while you’re getting clear on other things and keep sending traffic to your site, the Facebook Pixel will do a lot of the work for you in terms of creating an audience profile.

Oh and the same goes for Google Analytics! Don’t shy away from it.

Successful business owners look at and continue to learn from their numbers – in all areas of business. But you need to put your business in the best position possible to make those calls.

Additionally and if you have enough data, you can use sites like to see where your traffic comes from.

This, in turn, can help you identify on which platforms your audience hangs out at the most which we talk more about in the up-coming Step 6.


If you are reading this right now and your business ain’t flowing yet, it is probably because you spent more time asking yourself things like:

“How can I get more sales?”

“How can I sign another client to cover my fix costs this month?”

“Why is nobody buying from me?”

“Why am I not closing during sales calls?”


All of these questions asked at the right time are valid questions.

Though, most of the time, the root to the solution of these questions is in determining the ideal client for your business!

You see, once you went through all of the previous steps, you’re going to elevate your language and how you show up when talking to him/her – if on social media or on the phone!

Your ideal client has a very particular way of speaking and thinking about things and particularly the NUMBER ONE PAIN POINT your business can help him/her solve the most!

This is very important to understand.

Most entrepreneurs and businesses fail to attract their ideal client because of the language they use in their branding AND marketing.

How can you change that?

(a) Identify 3 big competitors in your market.

(b) Go on their social media profiles (particularly Instagram, Blogs & Youtube), join their Facebook Groups, etc. for the SOLE PURPOSE to read through all of the COMMENTS they’ve been getting.

(c) Create a Google Spread Sheet & jot down all of the follow-up questions their followers have been asking them.

(d) Notice a pattern that is going to come up of particular questions and pain points.

(e) Decide on 3 pain points off all the questions you’ve collected.

(f) Test those 3 pain points with your own audience by publishing content.

(e) Identify the NUMBER ONE pain point AND messaging that your audience seems to relate to the most.

(f) Et voila! You’ve nailed your messaging.

If you follow these steps and you do this at least once per quarter, you can be sure that your business is growing exponentially and fast ;).


Are your clients the type of people who spend a whole Saturday hanging out at Ikea or, do they prefer to go shopping at Hermes on Rodeo Drive?

Maybe they prefer to check out .. on Melrose Avenue or, they simply like to shop online?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You HAVE TO take your time and find out where your ideal clients hang out at the most.

This will depend who you target in terms of age range, gender, industry, etc.

But most of the time, your ideal clients congregate on at least one of the social media channels.


Now, it’s all about now playing it shy but showing the world and your ideal clients how awesome you are!

Mackwebsolutions has summed the core process for awesome branding up with this cool infographics:

Another component of great branding is to have a consistent content strategy in place.

In case you’d like to learn more about this component of effectively attracting your ideal clients through your content, check out this related article on the blog:

Now, it’s time to market yourself because you’re ready!

I hope you found this article helpful.

Be sure to spread the love and share it it if it has helped you! Or, screenshot parts of it and post it on your Instagram Story & tag me @corneliapauline <3.

Also, if you know your clients mostly hang out on Facebook and in Facebook Groups in particular, check out my FREE guide on,

“How to attract 10 new clients each month on Facebook without paying a dime for ads!”

It’s pretty neat with lots more details and tricks.

Plus, I’d recommend you check out the course details that are going to pop up after you opt in to one of my signature programs – Facebook Famous ;).

It’s been a game changer for many service-based entrepreneurs, network marketers and coaches who have scaled to $10,000/month with my Facebook Famous branding & selling strategies.

Let’s do this!

How to Create 1000 Pieces Of Content in 1 Day?

If you’ve ever wanted to become more productive in your online business, then you know that it can be time consuming and difficult to create a large quantity of valuable content.

Today I’m here to tell you that there is a secret to solve this problem. You can create one thousand pieces of content in only one day. It’s not only possible, it’s simple.

The Basics

First, you must be ready to plan your content carefully. This method is very data-driven, so it will take some research and planning on your part. But if you take the time to follow each of these steps, I promise you’ll have plenty of high-quality posts to share with your audience.

The Research Stage

The first thing you need to do is figure out the topics that do very well in your niche. What is ranking high on Google? You can figure this out by going to the Google Keyword Planner.

Another great tool to use is the Google Chrome Extension called ‘Keywords Everywhere‘. It’s actually one of my most favorite tools out there and not a lot of online business owners and entrepreneurs know about it. Whenever you search for content ideas on Google, you’ll immediately see a separate column to your right, with related things that people search for.

Next, what is being shared, liked, or commented on on social media? I love using BuzzSumo to learn more about trending topics on Social Media platforms.

Research your topic well and note what your competitors are doing. Creating one thousand pieces of content around a topic that won’t engage your target audience is just a waste of your time.

Once you’ve done your research, you should know what topics create the most engagement in your niche. Narrow down your findings to the most relevant topics. Find a topic that has the highest probability of ranking well on social media and write down the main idea of that topic.

The Planning Stage

Next, your best friend is going to be to create a bullet points list. I usually like to use a Google Drive Spreadsheet for that.

You’re going to want to break down the topic as much as you can. Beneath your main idea, jot down some bullet point ideas within that topic; aim for about fifteen. These will be the most important points in your overall content creation plan.

Within each of those fifteen bullet points, write down some ideas showing how you will explain each of those fifteen points. Now, you have 15×15 pieces of content or ideas!

Each of these points can become a short text post to share online with your audience on different platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Blog Post Phase

Now, you’re going to use these ideas that you’ve gathered to write a high-quality, long-form blog post such as this one. Make sure to use a lot of images and make it at least a thousand words. Then, you can share this piece on various social media platforms. Blog posts such as this one are perfect to share on your Facebook Page or Linkedin.

Once you’ve done that, go through the blog post and highlight high-impact sentences that can become tweets for Twitter. Next, paste those sentences on graphics to create Instagram posts. If you’re short on time, you can compile this information in a Google Spreadsheet and give it to your Virtual Assistant to organize everything.

This way and if you structured your blog post correctly, you can literally create hundreds of tweets or images from one piece of text!

The Guest Blogging Phase

It’s so simple to breathe new life into an old post. Offer to share it on another blog by putting a new spin on the topic. This way you can extend those same original bullet points into multiple blog posts that can be shared on even more platforms!

This strategy is also a great way to extend the visibility and reach of your brand and business.

The Video and Podcast Phase

Turn your blog post now into a long-form video as well as several short-form videos, diving deeper into specific sections of the blog post. You want to be posting all the videos to Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram TV.

When that is done, you can cut and edit the ‘section videos’ even further into shorter videos, each highlighting those bullet points we discussed. Those shorter videos can be shared as well on Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, and more and can relate back to the blog post or, your Youtube channel.

If you want to be super strategic, ideally you want to have a Call-To-Action at the very end of each of those videos as well as the blog post ;).

Finally, you can even take the audio from those videos and create a podcast!

There are literally SO many ways to share one idea to your audience. This method will help to gain the most exposure with the least amount of work. One main idea can be used hundreds of different ways: articles, images, quotes, tweets, podcasts, videos, slideshows, PDFs, blog posts and the list goes on.

By taking the time to maximize your one content idea, you will be able to create a calendar full of content in only one day.

P.s. If you've found this blog post to be helpful thus far and want to learn more about how I use my Facebook content in particular to generate leads from that content WITHOUT paying for ads or being salesy and spammy, I've got a FREE PDF guide for you. You can download it here:

How to take the perfect headshot for your social media profiles?

First impressions count.

The headshot you choose to upload on your different social media platforms plays a HUGE role in how you want to be seen online and how you want to brand yourself.

The perfect headshot is warm, relatable, professional, authentically you and welcoming.

Many of you might not know this but I’ve worked as a professional, commercial model for many years while still in college (and to help pay for college in all honesty).

Pssst… I even did a photo-shoot for Vogue Italia ;).

As such, I’ve done countless of photo shoots over the years.

I’ve learned how to become completely comfortable in front of a camera or a whole set of cameras.

How to get the lighting right, what angles will play towards my body’s attributes and which ones I should avoid, how to showcase different emotions on my face and much, much more.

One of THE most important things as a model, as an entrepreneur, a business owner or, really any other kind of professional that you want to get right is – THE HEADSHOT.

Some of you reading this right now might have cringed with me only mentioning this dreaded subject.

But I promise you when you’re done reading this blog post, you’re going to feel SO much better about the whole subject matter and will have an idea of how to get your own perfect headshot ;).

Deal? Let’s get started!

It’s not you, it’s me. 

Have you maybe ever stopped to think that when you got your headshot taken by a professional photographer that it wasn’t even your own fault that the headshot didn’t turn out okay.

Trust me. One of THE biggest key influences that come into play when taking your headshot is the person who is actually taking it!

For head shots, I personally always love to shoot with photographers that are also my friends.

Why? Because I feel like I can really showcase who I am.

This is not to say that you can’t do this with a photographer you might not quite feel as comfortable with either.

However, if you are not very familiar – or even comfortable – doing a lot of photo-shoots, this can really be a big challenge for you because you’re missing the practice and possibly, confidence.

So, my first suggestion would be to go out and actually have a quick coffee with the headshot or portrait photographer first, before actually scheduling a shoot with him/her.

That way there won’t be any surprises.

And remember that even though a photographer might have amazing ratings on Yelp or, he/she has a thriving fan-base of loving fans on Instagram, the most important thing is that you feel like you can vibe with this photographer. Cool?

By the way, a great resource I’ve found for finding portrait or headshot photographers if you currently don’t have any friends that are photographers are asking on Facebook or in Facebook Groups if someone can recommend someone in your local area ;).

Kim Kardashian is not invited.

Keep the make up natural.

You do NOT want to wear a ton of make up. The best head shots are the ones that document you as if you’d be sitting across from me in real life.

And even if you might be a person similarly to Kim Kardashian that enjoys to wear a lot of make up, I would still recommend to tone it down for your headshot.

One of the main reasons is that a close shot of your face will show clumps of mascara or dark lipstick. And that ain’t pretty.

So, I’d recommend to choose light to medium eyeliners, eye shadows, and lipsticks that are only a shade or two darker than your skin tones.

My favorite products that I’ve been using for pretty much every one of my past head shots like this one are:

{And side note: Yes, you can totally do your own make up if you know how to!}

Primer: DHC Velvet Skin Primer

Foundation: Yves Saint Laurent Awakening Foundation

Eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer

Eye Shadow Kit: Honeybee Gardens Hot Chocolate Eye Shadow Kit

Brow Brush: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel 

Mascara: Christian Dior Iconic

Lipstick: Lancome L’Absolu Lipstick

In conclusion, a light make-up will bring your features out in a subtle manner without making it look like you’re wearing lots of makeup.

Caking on heavy foundation, or wearing shiny eye shadow or lip gloss because on camera it will just look wet.

And yes, skin blemishes, pimples, and even wrinkles can be retouched. It’s not cheating. We all do it ;).

In case you’re wondering what ‘too much’ is, check out this cool collage by OrganicHeadshots. You want to be in the natural and heavier than natural category.

Color Me Pretty

You’d think that since you’re taking a head-shot, the clothes you’re gonna wear aren’t overly important.

But that is not true. The kind of colors you choose to wear can totally add to an overall ‘WOW’-factor or otherwise, can make you appear ‘washed out’. 

I recommend choosing mid-tone colors such as blue, green, wine and purple because they are universally flattering.

Avoid wearing tops in flesh tones (cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow) as they will blend your face into your clothes.

And unless you’re feeling super confident or you wear those colors on a regular basis already, pass on bright red or orange colors.

Relax, Baby, Relax

You want to know my absolutely favorite tip that I use during any type of photo-shoot?

Okay… I’ll reveal my secret to you.

The day before a photo-shoot, I choose about 5 different songs that I play over and over again.

These songs ideally will make me feel different emotions based on what is needed for the head shot.

For a photo shoot, you want to choose one of your favorite songs that will make you feel all happy and giddy inside – whichever song that is. Your choice.

So, instead of going into the photo shoot and just nervously starting into the camera, past the camera or even look down, start playing the songs in your head that you’ve prepared – one at a time.

Ideally, you want to be singing along with each song silently, so well do you need to know them.

This will totally relax your face!

Unless, of course, it’s a song that is going to make you tear up but you so don’t wanna choose that kind of song for a head shot photo shoot.

Then, just listen to the slight directions the photographer gives you while instead of thinking about nothing, you play the music in your head.

My all-time favorite songs to play in mind while doing head-shots are:

What are yours? Leave a comment down below with your favorite ;).

It’s All About That BodyLanguage

Relax your shoulders. This will ensure that your neck looks elongated. This is true for both men and women.

Next, slightly tilt down your chin. Not too much though or you’re running into the possibility of displaying a double chin and we wouldn’t want that ;).

If you stick out your chin too much and raise it up too much, you might look arrogant and we wouldn’t want that either.

Next, it’s always advised to look at the camera at a slight angle. Tilt your head slightly (!) towards one direction and than, glance back at the camera.

Also, your face should always be turned towards the current light source (so from where the light is coming from).


Finally, have fun with it!

A photo shoot is an amazing way to capture a moment in your life that you might always want to remember <3.

If you’ve found these tips to be useful and you’ve used some of them in your head-shot photo-shoot, be sure to drop a comment with your image down below. I’d absolutely LOVE to see it :).

Let’s do this!

~ Cornelia

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Marketing with your Personal Facebook Profile To Get High-End Clients.

Marketing with your Personal Facebook Profile To Get High-End Clients.

Did you know that having your own personal Facebook profile and using it to brand your business can greatly benefit you as an entrepreneur?

Yet, so many entrepreneurs shy away from ‘getting too personal’ in their business and are mostly using their Facebook Profile for personal use.

However, the personal touch that Facebook usually does have since its implementation will truly help you form a personal bond with your ideal client and customer.

When it comes to Facebook and organic marketing, one of the things that you blog readers have been wanting to know more about was,

How you could utilize your personal Facebook profile as an entrepreneur to accelerate your business success.

Like I already mentioned, this is something I’ve seen many business owners still under-utilize when it comes to organic Facebook marketing.

The first question you should ask yourself is:

Are you using your personal Facebook profile as personal, business, or a combination of both?

I often see a divide here where people only use it for personal or only use it for business, and it should really be both.

It’s an ideal platform to connect with your potential clients online via Facebook.

Whenever I connect with someone on LinkedIn, I always make sure to connect with them on Facebook as well.

It establishes a more personal relationship because Linkedin is still at the time of this blog post, a more professional platform for professional use.

Facebook allows you to create open, competition-free connection, because potential prospects will be more likely to do business with you now that they know, trust, and like you.

And one of the key components of this is storytelling.

By the way, if you want to read up on more of how you can use storytelling throughout social media marketing, check out this related blog post of mine:

5 Ways To Quickly Build Your Community Online Through Storytelling

People are fascinated by stories.

Knowing how to craft attractive characters and compelling story-lines will allow you to create an emotional connection with your clients.

A great tip to learn how to do this is to read screenwriting and creative fiction books.

One of my favorites is STORY by Robert McKee.

Learn how to tell a story and what stories inspire people cross-culturally.

Here’s an example:

I posted on Facebook a few months ago about how my husband and I were going on a Europe trip.

I shared pictures and discussed the long journey it took to get to this point where we could travel full-time whenever we wanted to.


By doing this, I started several conversations that let me identify what personal interests my clients have and it also helped me understand their ‘language’.

I was real about it and made it engaging.

Then, at the end of the post, I shared a link with them, drawing them to my business to help them achieve the same goals.

The second major key is consistency.

If you are consistent with your personal Facebook posts, people will come to trust and expect that level of professionalism from you.

Think about the people who you are friends with but who never post on Facebook.

You start to feel very disengaged from them.

Then, all of a sudden, they launch a business or ask for donations, and the connection isn’t there.

There is a term for this type of marketing, and it’s called the para-social phenomenon.

A para-social relationship is when you follow an influencer on social media and watch their stories to the point where it feels as if you know them. You get a strategic glimpse into their lives although they have never met you.

And that’s what you want to do with your Facebook profile.

You are building a brand persona and you want to be strategic about how you will be perceived and be open enough to give them glimpses into your life.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Life is messy.

Be open and build influence and relationships with your own personal tribe.

Another part of this strategy is what I call mini sales funnels on your own personal Facebook profile.

Whenever I interact with people in Facebook groups, I know they will get curious about me and will click on my picture.

Once they do that, they’ll see a link to this group.

It’s frustrating when you have a nice interaction with someone in a Facebook group, but when you click on their profile to learn more about them, there is nothing there.

So, funnel your Facebook interactions with a link on your profile that people can actually see.

You might be asking: What about strangers?

That’s a valid concern.

At the beginning, I did befriend a lot of strangers, but I did it strategically.

If I went in a Facebook group and I saw a post about sales funnels, I would write the answer and interact.

Then I knew that those were people who would want my content, so I connected with them.

An important part of this step is that I would always send them a personal message.

It’s so valuable to connect with a person who has expressed interest in your content.

I know from my expertise I want to help them, so I add them as a friend.

But don’t stop there.

If you really want to connect, send them a message.

If you friend request someone, and you don’t message them, you’re really missing the point.

Once they actually know you a little bit, Facebook will remember that and will drive the algorithm in your favor.

If you want to meet new people and be social, then you have to be social.

Don’t just add people and ignore them. It defeats the purpose.

And remember, if you’re sharing content on Facebook – you don’t want to share content that is only industry specific on your personal profile. I see this a lot.

By doing this, you’re only speaking to a small target market and not building that para-social relationship.

You want to give them glimpses and be well… YOU.

Build a persona around your interests.

Talk about the good and the bad.

Recently, I posted about long day of work and a migraine, people found that really relatable.

So, don’t just share about your industry, but tell a story.

There should be different content on different mediums.

Your Facebook business page should have valuable information about your business: testimonials, updates, photos.

And in your Facebook groups, there are other tricks, such as using Quora to influence top questions that speak to people.

Eventually, if you are consistent, you will start to notice what is engaging to your followers. 

You will learn your clients’ beliefs, cultural values, interests, and you can use these things with targeting and advertising.

When it comes to organic marketing, Facebook allows you to always be fresh in the minds of your ideal clients and customers.

One of the scariest things for business owners is that there is so much competition.

So, if you’re connecting with them as a friend, and being real and authentic, then you’re always there right in front of them.

Whenever you post about your life, it sparks something in another person that allows you to relate to them, and those conversations turn into business.

If you’re loving this post so far and want to learn all of my other organic Facebook marketing tips and tricks, check out my #CONNECT program.

For more information, click here:


7 surefire ways to get people interested in you online.

Why would you even want to know how to get people interested in you?


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner of any kind, coach, author, consultant, etc. you need to start building up a tribe in order to create a community around your business.

This following will help you get amazing P.R. opportunities as well as help you monetize your tribe.

However, it all starts with first getting someone interested enough in you to find out more about you, right?

Now, you will be surprised but a lot of the time, it’s the same way you would get people interested in you in real life.

So, let me go through the different actions I have found that are important to get people interested in you online.

[1] Be open and honest as well as up-front with who you are.

This is not to say when messaging with people privately that you should sell them on your service or bestselling book, etc.


What I mean is that your profiles online should be clear and inviting.

They should be an honest representation of who you are.

For example, think about your favorite fashion blogger. If it is a fashion blogger, guesses are they are mostly active on Social Media Platforms that attract audiences for this kind of industry.

Their profile will be mostly about fashion and show pics of them showcasing different outfits.

You know right away where you are at with this kind of person.

Next, think of an online entrepreneur or influencer. Chances are, they have promotions on their social media platform but it is also very streamlined in who they are.

Same goes for authors, athletes, etc.

Most of the time, you’ll find that you can fit online profiles into certain types of categories based on the pre-dominant interests a person has.

This is not to say that people fit into any one of those categories. By far not! We, as humans, are very versatile and there are a lot of layers to any given person at any given time.

Now, if you look at a profile and get confused as to what this person is all about or, the profile looks like there’s just not much happening, you are not able to establish a clear connection with that online persona.

[2] Show up.

It’s important that you show up on a regular basis (depending on what social media platform you want to use to get people to find you).


Because it instills trust.

It shows that you are a reliable, trustworthy person.

However, it’s not only important to show up.

It’s also important how you show up!

What is it that you are sharing? How valuable is this to your potential ideal audience?

You need to be conscious in terms of what you share and how this is of value to a potential fan.

[3] Choose the right platform.

If you desire to get people interested in you online, chances are very high that you’re already active on one or more social media platforms.

However, you’ve got to be careful which ones you choose that will help you potrtray the most authentic version of who you are.

For example, are you a natural photographer that has a good eye but are terrible with writing. You might want to focus your efforts on Instagram because this will allow you to put your best content and work forward.

Similarly, if you’re awesome in videos because you’ve got a shining presence and are not camera-shy, choose Youtube.

And the list goes on and on but I think you get my message.

Form of distribution matters as much as frequency of distribution.

[4] Stop looking at what other people are doing.

One of the surefire ways to be original and authentic is if you stop what other influencers and experts in your industry are doing.

People don’t like copies and phonies.

People are attracted to people that seem to be inventive and real.

[5] Use polarity to your advantage. 

This one tip of mine will create both fans as well as anti-fans to you and your brand online.

However, it is apparent to get people interested in you and what you have to say.

Think about it, no leader in the history of the world, no inventor and pioneer has been supported by a mass of people agreeing with him. Right?

Most of the time, it was only a small, loyal tribe that followed and agreed with his/her every word. A majority of the people though, strongly disagreed with his/her message and instead, talked against them.

As a result and in order to get people interested in you, you will also have to alienate a bunch of people along the way and that will be a natural process of moving along in this online visibility journey.

[6] Have a strong, clear message.

I can’t stress this enough but in order to have people interested in you, you need to create a strong, clear message around what it is that you are doing.

Give people something to believe in when following your content and messages online.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

There needs to be a purpose to things, a reason why you do the things you do.

[7] Share your story. 

This last point goes kind of hand in hand with the previous point.

Let me ask you something, what do you think is THE most unique thing about you that will make other people realize and see how unique you are?

Of course, I’ll tell you in case you haven’t guessed it yet ;).

It is your STORY.

What caused you to be at the point where you are right now?

What was the reason for transforming your life (or the wish to do so in the first place)?

Where were you a year ago and where are you now?

What are you struggling with currently in your life that you can open up about with your tribe?

And so on.

Dig deep, look at your past, connect the dots and tell us your story <3.

If you would like more information and find out specifically about the 4 reasons why you are not visible on Facebook, check out my new free PDF download. You can download it here:

Let’s do this!


P.s. You might also enjoy:

5 simple yet effective ways to create professional videos from home

Or, how to create videos that stand out?

When it comes to recording videos or even recording yourself on video, most people feel the fear creeping up inside their chest.

It’s an overwhelming process to them and especially a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs, who could really benefit from using more videos throughout their marketing, shy away from it.

My goal with this blog post is to shed some light on the entire video recording process for you and to show you how simple it can be if you are aware of a few ‘shooting rules’ as well as have some basic equipment.

So, here we go:


Having a collection of this basic video recording equipment, will make recording videos so much easier.

So, since gear is where every creation process starts, I wanted to start here and share with you what I personally use and what has worked for me.

When it comes to recording quick videos on the go, I simply use my SAMSUNG S8 phone with its in-built video editor processing tool.

It’s amazing nowadays what smartphones can do and it’s so easy to just capture some footage on the fly with it.

For videos that I record from home, I mostly use a point-and-shoot camera.

I have a DSLR camera. However, I prefer shooting videos for Youtube, Linkedin and other marketing purposes with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100.

It is SO small, light and quick to use. Moreover, you can guarantee to do a good job setting up the whole setting yourself because the camera allows you to turn the screen of it, so you can see yourself and what you are doing the entire time.

Then, of course, I use a tripod. I got a small one for the table as well as a tall one if I need to move the frame out a bit further.

For lighting purposes at home, I bought this lighting gear package a few years ago and boy, it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I highly recommend it.

Having the right kind of background lighting immediately increases the perceived quality of your video.

Finally, audio is key. For audio purposes one of my famous Youtuber friends recommended to me the Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder. I’ve also had it for years and it never disappoints to deliver the kind of audio recording I’m looking for.

In case using such a recorded, is a bit too complicated for you because you don’t want to have to deal with transferring the file onto your computer – I totally get it – you can use this microphone instead.

You simply plug it into your laptop for improving your audio quality and it does a great job as well.


Regardless of if you do Facebook Lives for your marketing or you pre-record Youtube and/or Linkedin Videos, abiding to these ‘video rules’ can make or break your video and as such, have a direct influence on your viewership.

They are really important and you need to focus on getting them right if you want to create an interesting video.

  • (1) Background, background, background.

Depending on your brand, use the kind of background that fits to it.

I’m personally a book nerd, so I love having my home library in the background of my videos.

So, if you are a solo-entrepreneur, you might use your home office as the background to your videos as well.

If your brand is more colorful, use colorful backgrounds.

Don’t shy away from it.

Test, test and test again. See what works and what your audience responds to.

A good rule of thumb is that if you would be watching the video, does the background look distracting to you or are you still in focus?

That is also an important question to keep in mind.

  • (2) It’s all about that lighting.

We’ve talked about having the right kind of lighting background in the previous section.

Your face always needs to be pointed towards the light source.

However, be sure to not have direct sunlight, for example, or a lamp pointed directly at your face.

This will create really harsh shadows on your face and actually, make you look older.

This awesome graphic by Wistia explains from where you want your lighting sources to come from:

  • (3) Frame.

I’ve found that video views convert the best into engagement when you either position yourself in the exact middle of a frame or,

When you frame yourself onto one third of the frame, kind of like this:

Do you see how in this video, I’m trying to position myself towards the middle of the left arrow.

That’s the kind of framing I am talking about ;).

Again, you’ve got to try it out.

When I record from my home office, in comparison, I noticed that because of my set up, the framing looks cooler if I position myself in the middle like this:

  • (4) Context/Setting.

Now, the setting or context is related to the framing.

Depending on if you choose your home office, a park, walking inside the office space of a co-working building, walking through town, on the beach, etc. depending on all of this, your framing will be influenced by the setting.

If you choose to have an interesting setting or context that you film your video in front of, you can dramatically increase your conversions.

Greece, 2017

However, you have to find what works for you.

Some people love sharing lessons while walking. Other entrepreneurs or business owners would get way too distracted to do that.

You have to figure out what works for you, what resonated great with your audience and than, do more of that.

  • (5) Audio can make or break your video.

I’m the first one to admit that I don’t always have the perfect audio during my videos.

Though, I definitely try because I know how important this is.

Because of that I always take my BOSE headphones with me anywhere because they do a pretty great job at recording some nice audio when I decide to record a video on the fly.

At home, like I mentioned before, I use the Zoom H4n microphone.

It’s a bit more work during the post-production process but it will get you some great results.

And this is now where we are at, during the post production phase.

EDITING (Post-Production)

    Here are my little tricks an tips on how I edit my videos:

    • Increase quality of your audio (decrease background noises) inside iMovie.
    • Cut out all the ‘Ums’ and ‘You knows’ and other time wasters inside iMovie.
    • Add short intro with title to what your video is about.
    • Add some title or, intro music.
    • Enhance the color of the video.
    • Fix the white balance of the video.

    That was pretty much it.

    If you decide to record videos from your smart phones (all the while, keeping my Video Shooting Techniques in mind!), I love to use the app FilmoraGO to edit my videos.

    Otherwise, I edit my videos inside iMovie and after uploading the files onto my computer.

    Last but not least, have fun with it and allow yourself to be creative.

    Finally, be sure to share this article if you’ve found it helpful <4.

    Let’s do this!

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    How To Get Leads Out Of Facebook™ Groups?

    If you are a digital service-based entrepreneur who struggles to get a regular flow of leads, Facebook™ Groups are awesome.

    In fact, over these past 12 months I built up a multiple 6-figure agency by getting my leads out of Facebook™ Groups and WITHOUT spending any money on paid advertisement.

    You can not only utilize Facebook™ Groups to get leads but also, to build up your list.

    Let’s dive deeper into how that works!

    If you have been following my posts and articles for a while now, you know that I’m a big advocator of organic marketing.


    Because to this day, the best converting traffic is organic traffic.

    Organic traffic is already pre-qualified in terms of people that know, like and trust you based on the type of valuable content you put on the web.

    Personally, I’ve never liked sales. I am good at it.

    However, I always knew that I wanted to position my agency and myself in a way to have people seek us out and come to us.

    Truthfully, I would not want to have it any other way and chances are if you are reading this right now, you want to get to such a stage as well ;).

    Especially with paid advertisement nowadays changing all the time, aspiring and new business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with using ads to get get leads.

    Therefore and if you dedicate a couple of months to organic marketing, you will reap immediate benefits that far surpass putting a few ads out there.

    Trust me. I have seen so many new online businesses die due to the fact that their ads budget has dried up.

    So, let’s talk about how to acquire new business literally for free.

    Let’s focus on building our brands for longevity and not just a quick buck.

    With that being said…

    There are 2 things that need to happen before you will get regular leads out of Facebook™ Groups in particular:

    (1) You need to become VISIBLE.

    (2) You need to add the right kind of VALUE.

    Most entrepreneurs and business owners that start out using Facebook™ Groups for their lead generation attempts, do not know this:

    At the beginning & whenever you join a new Facebook™ Group and you start posting and interacting with members in said Facebook™ group, your initial engagement rate of your posts and comments is going to be low.

    This phenomenon is due to the Facebook™ algorithm.

    The algorithm is smart.

    ONLY if and when you show consistency, will your posts be automatically shown to more members of the group.

    As a result, you want to be consistent and concentrate on 2-3 awesome Facebook™ groups (that are ideally filled with potential ideal clients/customers for you) at a time.

    Most groups are not against getting leads from the groups per se but, they are against spammy and salesy self-promos.

    Every admin (and I am an admin of multiple Facebook™ groups myself) cares about his/her community they are building.

    They work hard on it, every single day.

    If you come in with the sole purpose of spamming the group because you want to purely get leads, you not only appear desperate but you are also not making yourself any friends.

    We are all in this together, especially as online entrepreneurs and business owners.

    Therefore, you shouldn’t try and find the easy way out but realize that you have to work to build up relationships first.

    The one thing I can tell you is that if you put in the work now for these next few weeks and you do it right, you are going to get leads from your interactions in groups exponentially.

    I still get leads from posts or comments I’ve made last year!

    With that being said, a lot of gurus mention that you just need to ‘add value’.

    Well, what the heck does that really mean and how do you add value correctly?

    This took me months to figure out.

    Here are 4 types of posts (also referred to as Content Themes) that add value to the members of a Facebook™ group:

    (1) Educational or teachable content (for example, anything industry specific lesson you’ve learned and that you can teach).

    (2) Inspirational content (for example, a rags to riches story or an underdog kinda moment)

    (3) Social proof (for example, if you’ve hit milestones of say a certain number of sales done from your funnel, etc.)

    (4) Entertainment (for example, stories or anecdotes that stir up emotional responses in an audience).

    Side note: If you want/need more help on how to craft amazing content, you might want to check out this other article on the blog:
    In conclusion and to make sure that your posts are well perceived by a group’s audience, you want to make sure to split your posts’ content evenly between those 4 themes.
    So, switch it up, keep things interesting and don’t forget to be consistent ;).
    Let’s do this!
    Be sure to share this blog post if you’ve found it helpful <3.
    P.s. If you feel like you'd love more help with this, get my FREE Facebook Funnel template with the exact steps I use to get my leads from Facebook. You can download the FREE PDF here:

    Click Here

    3 Easy Yet Dangerously Effective Content Brainstorming Techniques

    My 3 easy-to-follow brainstorming techniques I use to come up with new content all the time.

    You probably know that in order to build any tribe or community online, the one thing you need to be is,


    Puh, glad we got that out of the way ;).

    Now, the second thing you need to do is:

    Create unique, interesting and valuable content for your right audience.

    You might be the kind of person who got the consistency-thing down.

    Going to the gym regularly, watching what you eat, reserving enough time to spend with your kids, these are all things that if you set your mind on, you’re going to follow through with.

    Posting regularly on social media in order to increase your impact and income online?

    You’ve set your mind on it and you want to do so.

    However, you struggle with what the heck to post.

    It can get quite draining to try and think of new original content to post every single day.

    Hence, I wanted to share a few of my best-kept secrets with you.

    There’s a science and a reason behind why people often times refer to me as a ‘content creation terminator’ ;).

    1. Reserve specific times and days during the week and month where you focus on creating content in any shape or form.

    We all have a very specific biorhythm that is innate to us.

    For me, I love creating content mainly in the early morning and at night.

    Don’t ask me why. I’ve just figured those times out for myself and they work for me.

    During the creation hours as I like to call them, I make sure to turn off all distractions.

    I just want to be able to focus on writing or shooting videos.

    What are those times for you that you feel like you are most inspired and creative?

    Also, it’s okay to only have 2 or 3 days a week where you create content.

    Take the rest of the time off.

    You need time to recharge and come up with new ideas.

    We all do.

    2. The Dynamic 10.

    This is a very cool technique for brainstorming content in case you feel like you have some form of writer’s block.

    How does it work?


    Turn on the stop-watch to exactly 60 seconds.

    Within those 60 seconds, you are going to have to come up with 10 topics in your field or industry of choice that you operate your business in that might be of interest to your audience.

    Let’s take content marketing, for example.

    Here would be my current 10 that come to mind (and yes, I’m totally tracking my time right now because you need to create that urgency factor in order for the brain to kick into high gear!):

    MY DYNAMIC 10:

    Feel free to also jot them down in your notebook or use an electronic list.

    Whatever resonates better with you – do that.

    Ready? Set. Go!

    3. The Bubble Phase

    Yes, I totally call this the bubble phase.

    Now, I want you to look at your DYNAMIC 10 and pick 1 topic.

    The first one that sticks out to you from that list you’ve just created.

    Circle or highlight it.

    Then, pick a new page.

    And start bubbling ideas around it.

    This can look like this:

    At one point you’re going to come up with a very interesting and dynamic topic.

    Most of the time, I find myself coming up with a headline that way as well as having a basic outline of the content of the content itself.

    It also helped me craft pretty awesome posts that my audience loves and that were picked up by major digital publications, such as this article:

    How can I realistically make $100k online in 12 months?

    Pretty cool, huh?

    And more importantly, it works every time.

    Happy creating!


    If you found this article helpful, be sure to let me know in the comments down below and/or share it with your friends ;).

    10 Simple Ways To Create Content That Breeds Connection – Aka Engaging Content

    Writing Engaging Content Is the Swiss Army Knife of Content Marketing.

    If you are one of those online business owners who continues to produce content but no one is noticing it, then your content might suck.

    I know, I know, that sounds harsh.

    But hear me out on this and I’m going to make sure to make this blog post worth your while ;).

    However, I needed to say it.

    So many entrepreneurs and business owners continuously ask me how to make their content more engaging.

    That is why I decided, to put together my 10 BEST WAYS to create content that breeds connection.

    Without further ado, here they are:


    (1) The headline needs to be an attention grabber.

    Your content needs to be attention grabbing.

    Especially, the first headline.

    You can have the best piece of content but if your first few lines at the beginning of the content are not engaging and grabbing the attention of your reader, no one is going to read the rest.

    In case you would like to learn a bit more on how you can improve your content headlines, Copyblogger has a great article full of tips here:

    Afterwards, continue to ask yourself – always – if your content:

    Would I stop doing what I was doing and click on this post?

    Does it communicate the right value to the right kinds of people? 

    Does my content serve a clear purpose?

    If you make sure you can answer all of these three questions with a big, “YES!” before publishing your next content piece, you are one more step in the right direction of making your content work for you.


    (2) Talk TO them.

    Have you ever noticed how much content out there just talks AT us instead of TO us?

    There is a major difference right there.

    Having the writer of a piece of content talk AT me, almost makes me feel like being back in college.

    Though, not only that, it also is a bit predictable.

    The writer is playing it safe.

    How to change that?

    Well, you can do it like I am doing it right now. I’m literally imagining you, sitting right across from me, sipping on an Espresso as well (or whatever other type of coffee drink you prefer) while I am having this CONVERSATION with you about content.

    I am talking TO you and not at you.

    See the difference?

    You can find more tips on this particular point, in this article:

    The 10 Golden Rules For Creating Ridiculously Good Content Online.


    (3) Imperfections are endearing.

    Imperfection makes you human.

    People can relate to that.

    Don’t think you have to appear as if you always have it together.

    That actually turns people off.

    Instead, work on sharing sometimes the not-so-nice things about your business or day that might be happening to you.

    Careful though, you never want to sound negative, whinie or complain. This is just to share a glimpse into your life that might not be all perfect.

    Think about any influencer out there that you know and how they do the same?

    If it is about missing a flight to get to a conference, having a car tire blow up, a laptop stops working, etc.

    This is what makes life, life.

    People want to feel this from you so they can relate to your digital persona.


    (4) Inject your content with heart.

    People can tell if you’re being fake.

    They can’t always pinpoint exactly how you might be fake but your audience has an innate sense for it.

    The same goes for authenticity and vulnerability.

    Your audience can feel it.

    Great content has almost like a beating, living heart to it.

    An emotion.

    The more you improve your skills by writing content daily, the better you get at faster crafting that emotional connection to your audience and getting them to react.


    (5) Hello story structure!

    You’ve probably heard that every good story that has ever been written has:

    A beginning.

    A middle.

    And an end.

    There’s no way around it.

    It’s as natural of a progression as life itself is with birth, life and death.

    As a result and even, if you decide to break any other rule out there.

    You want to follow this one rule at least.

    Every piece of content (no matter how long or short) should have a killer intro, a great and catchy body and a smart conclusion.

    Start writing ;).



    (6) Entertain.

    Whenever I write content, I constantly ask myself how to make this more ‘different‘.

    How to even make it a bit weird?

    Not in a weird sense ;).

    But, in a way that makes people stop and get curious.

    I like to inspire curiosity through my work online and on different media platforms.

    I encourage you to do the same.

    There is such a pure joy in entertaining a person through the kind of content you create.

    Oh, and don’t think it has to be crazy or over-the-top.

    It can be very subtle.

    In the way, you structure your sentences (just like I am doing here to get a point across ^^).

    Or, in the way you connect an image with your text.

    How you switch off locations for your video or try and dance before going on a Facebook Live.

    Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to be bold and daring.


    (7) Look at the numbers.

    Now this one’s going to be a hard one to swallow if you see yourself as a total creative (a bit like me *I admit it*).

    But – chances are – that if you’re reading this blog article right now, you are in the content creation business for a reason.

    You are either looking to increase your visibility for yourself or for your business online.

    You seek to establish yourself as an expert.

    You want to share your wealth of knowledge and serve your audience at a larger scale.

    Whatever it is, understand that you have to still look at the numbers.

    Now, what do I really mean by that?

    I am referring to looking at statistics.

    For example, if you run a Facebook Group (like I do and you can request free access to join mine here), you want to regularly (I’d recommend even daily at the beginning) to look at ‘GROUP INSIGHTS’.


    There, you will find when and on what days your audience engages with your posts the most.

    You can find similar analytics and data insight options for all kinds of different other social media distribution channels.

    The numbers will teach you what often times your ego wont allow you to accept.

    That some posts simply always perform better with your audience than others.

    Dissect what works.

    Do more of that and you’re going to do just fine.


    (8) Stop looking for answers.

    There are so many entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring influencers out there who are trying to get information from other influencers and successful business owners and entrepreneurs about what type of content distribution works for them.

    I say, screw that!

    Yes, of course, analyze your heroes and sheroes and see, if you can’t find commonalities between the work that they put out there, specifically in terms of the content they publish.

    However, at one point, you just have to jump out of the airplane and trust that your parachute will open.

    Because, it will!

    As long as you follow all of my other steps in this article, you are going to be fine.

    At one point, you just have to do it and you can not wait for anyone else to do it for you.

    You are in control of how you are being perceived online.

    A big part of how you are being perceived online is through the content you produce on a regular basis.

    Stop waiting and trying to get answers from coaches, influencers, etc. about when and how and what you should post.

    I’ve always been a fan of, “Just do it.”

    {Shoedog, anyone?!}


    (9) The over-thinker.

    You are still with me at this point.

    However, a tiny part at the left corner of your heart still whispers to you,

    “I just don’t know what to write about most of the time!”

    Well, dear reader, at this point I recommend visiting the content sourcing platform,

    You can search for any keyword you like.

    For example, I love looking for “news,” “small business,” “entrepreneurship,” “marketing,” and a few more.

    Depending on your industry, these will vary a bunch.

    What is going to stay the same is that you now have access to a database that will show you the most trending and engaging topics on the world wide web as of that moment you hit enter on that search term.

    Have fun and don’t forget to create and not just consume.


    (10) Serve on a massive level.

    Don’t just half-ass it.

    Don’t just have that attitude that things are just going to come to you.

    Sure, the law of attraction is important.

    However, it is not if you let the control over your life go to that believe.

    You are the creator of your life.

    Just as you are the creator of your content.

    Put your whole heart into your content.

    Serve people on a massive level that they have never seen from you before.

    Then, do it again.

    And again.

    That’s the kind of attitude I am talking about.


    If you are ready to crank up that content game say, “HECK YES!” in the comments down below and let’s disrupt the digital world. 

    How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation?

    Today’s topic: How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation and to increase engagement?

    How to use social media and blog posts effectively for online lead generation and to increase engagement

    The short answer:

    It all comes down to the kind of story you tell. 

    Our whole lives consist of an accumulation of thousands upon thousands of unique stories.

    To me, this is the most fascinating aspect of human experience.

    The second most insightful aspect we can get about life itself is to read stories of other people.


    They are able to relate to you based on what glimpses into your life and business you give them.

    For example, look at the image that my husband took of me a couple of years ago.

    What comes to mind?

    What is the kind of story this image tells?

    Most people probably immediately get a sense that I’m the kinda gal that loves the beach, the smell and sight of the ocean, the feeling of the warmth of the sun on my skin.

    I’m not looking at the camera, instead I’m looking at the sea.

    This creates a certain interesting effect because you could possibly imagine yourself standing in this picture instead of me – dreaming, planning, enjoying life.

    Depending on the kind of caption I add to this post (and this can be an Instagram post or a blog post such as this ;), etc.), the story of the image can slightly change.

    Every form of medium that we use to publish out content online – videos, photographs, written content, more formal articles, podcasts, etc. – they all have a certain storytelling element to them.


    This was the first part of any content marketing strategy I needed you to understand.

    Now, let’s get to the second part.

    Especially if you are a business owner and entrepreneur such as myself, you want your content to have a purpose.

    There is one formula that I live by.

    This formula is:

    Your passion and talent + How you can serve or help people = YOUR CONTENT

    What do I want to say with that?

    In order to be able to even start to increase the engagement of your content (on any platform!) as well as start using your social media accounts or blog for lead generation, your content must be FOCUSED.

    You understood that it has to have a story-telling element to it.

    However, your content must also do two more things.

    Every post should answer these two questions:

    (1) What problem am I solving for my audience?

    (2) What is the takeaway my audience can take away from this post?

    Of course, to be able to create focused content and continuously answer these two questions throughout your distribution, you have to know WHO you are talking to (aka, your ideal customer/client).

    In other words, make sure you hit your target.

    The most straight-forward way to use your blog posts for lead generation is to add subtle and appropriate calls-to-action about two to three times throughout your blog article (a pop up window counts as one as well here).

    OR, you can also add a direct call-to-action towards the end of the article.

    Read on to see how I am doing it right here in this blog article to experience it first hand ;).

    The follow-up

    Most beginning business owners or entrepreneurs forget this but having different calls-to-action throughout your blog article is not enough.

    You also need to put an automated email sequence in place.

    After all, think about how excited your new lead is to have found you.

    However, all the hear from you in the weeks to come are crickets chirping.

    They feel a bit confused and also ignored.

    I am sure you do not want your leads to feel this way so after choosing an email marketing software (such as ActiveCampaign, for example), you want to make sure to have an automated email sequence in place.

    This automated sequence helps you in particular to CONTROL the kind of stories your audience is first reading about you.

    How are you presenting yourself?

    How are you welcoming them to your world?

    What value are they going to be receiving from you?

    Next, add them to your regular newsletter because now, they have a better idea of what to expect and ideally, have become fans of yours.

    Social Media Lead Generation

    When it comes to your social media strategy, the first thing you want to make sure to implement right now is to add an url to a lead generation or opt-in page in place of a standard website url.

    Again, make sure the type of freebie you are offering actually matches with your audience’s interests and solves ONE pain point for them.

    For example, when you look at my Instagram, I have my most current lead generation magnet in the url real estate of my bio:

    I mention this blog in the cute banner image that I use for my Facebook Group, Social Media Funnel Hacks.

    Once a member clicks on the banner image, I’ll make it easy for them and include the clickable blog website link ;).

    Side Note: In case you would like to learn more about how else you can use social media for lead generation, you might find this article helpful as well:

    How to channel more clients through your social media efforts?

    In case you do not know how or what to use to create such a lead magnet or also called an opt-in funnel, my team and I use the funnel building software Clickfunnels. You can test it out for free HERE for 14 days to see if you like it ;).


    The next tip that I want to give you in terms of engagement is a very important one.

    It is the ONE THING that drives up engagement more than anything else you can do.

    And that thing is,


    Regardless which social media platform (for example, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) you want to be active on, you have to be consistent.

    Consistency instills trust.

    Make a decision how many times a week you would like to post and stick to your commitment you have made to your audience.

    No one engages with my content and I still get no leads.

    If this is the case and you have been doing all of the other steps I outlined throughout this blog post, you have to go back to square one and re-evaluate your unique value proposition and your positioning in your market.

    This goes back to WHAT kind of story, as well as HOW you tell it to your audience.

    It is the way you position yourself while at the same time setting yourself apart that is going to make all the difference.

    Don’t be afraid to be creative.

    Don’t be afraid to be bold.

    Don’t be afraid to test out different things. 

    If there is one thing your audience loves, it is to be entertained (as well as educated if you are a business owner and entrepreneur).


    Now, I hope that you found this article helpful. If you feel like you want more guidance and coaching, navigating the waters of digital marketing, I have TWO more spots open in my 3-month 1:1 intensive coaching program, “Jumpstart Your Online Business”. 

    For more info, shoot me an email after you’ve finished reading this blog post: 

    Be sure to include: (1) What you are currently struggling with? And, (2) Where you see yourself in 3 months from now? I look forward to talking to you <3.

    Let’s do this!

    ~ Cornelia Pauline