What to write about? The difficult, easy content creation process.

Aka, The Content Creation Process Of A Pro.

I get this question asked a lot by business owners, entrepreneurs as well as my clients.

Cornelia, I just don’t know what to write about! I sit down and stare at my laptop and nothing funny or interesting comes to my mind that I could write about and publish on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter (or fill-in-the-blank).

The thing is, if you’ve already gotten to the point of where you have to ask yourself what to write about…

Two things are happening:


You’ve been waiting too long.

Chances are that you have gotten some inspiration throughout the day or even the past week.

You have just disregarded it and when, well… life happened – you forgot about it.

I have an app on my Samsung Galaxy, called ‘Keep‘.

Every time I have an interesting experience throughout the day, I read a book or article or something that inspires me, I have a conversation with a client or a friend that I can share with my Facebook Group or email list, I make a quick note of it.

I have different folders for different social media platforms.

Every time I get an idea, I make sure to at least write it down.

Even one sentence to sum up the idea is enough. A few key words that will help you remember. A potential headline. Such as this one actually.

And guess what?

It helps. 

The interesting thing is that the more you do it, the more ideas will just come to you.

Think of it as being open to them.

Like people who, for example, like children or dogs. Children and dogs naturally flock to that kind of person because they can feel that they are immediately welcome.

It’s the same for creativeness.

You have to make sure to open yourself up and being on the receiving end of it so that you can capture it in the moment.


You’re being lazy.

Nothing in life can be mastered just thinking about it.

Stop with the excuses.

You will have to eventually sit your sweet buttocks down and start creating that Facebook post or that Linkedin article or whatever it is!

And that is the hard part; the most challenging one.

The starting of it.

Once you’ve started, things usually just start rolling.

All it takes for you at the end of finishing up a piece of content, is to edit it to your heart’s content.

Chances are that if you are not at that level of content distribution yet that you wish you would have gotten to already, you are overthinking things.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s good to think while you are creating a piece of content. After all, you want your publication to be helpful and valuable and plain old, juicy good ;).

Though, you do not want to overthink it.

Trust the creative process.

You see, perfection is boring.

It’s from the little mistakes that we make whenever publishing something that we not only learn from them, but that we also present ourselves as uniquely human to our audience.

Your tribe most likely does not care about perfectly composed literature.

They do care about seeing you take action.

Action inspires. 

Action propels others to take action.

I hope I am able to have you motivated to take action right now.

Start by recording your thoughts, your conversations and funny occurrences that happen on a day to day basis in your life.

How are these things applicable towards your business? How can other people relate to them and what made you remember them? You will find that you almost always have answers to these questions.

If you don’t, you might want to choose a different topic or story to write about or simply write what it is that you know.

That is the last thing I wanted to leave you with… One thing, one of my favorite writing teachers in college taught me:

Write about what you know.

Which, in essence, means that you want to write about things that you know to be true. As such, they can be true and relatable to a certain tribe of people and to some others, not at all.

And that’s okay.

You do not need your content to be liked by every single human being on the planet!

Because what it is that you do is not ‘true’ or important to every single person around the globe. There are people dealing with different things in their unique lives at any given point in time.

Your only job should be to write about what it is that you see as the truth in that moment, what you have learned to be true through experiences, hard work and self-discovery.

The right people for you – also known as your ideal fans or clients or customers – will respond to your published content and like you so much for it.

Happy creating!


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