The Secret Key To Winning At Any Online Marketing Strategy

So, here’s a thought…Let’s say you’ve spent months learning about funnels and online marketing strategies.

You read all the books. 
You consumed all the videos.
You listened to all the podcasts. 
You’ve done all the work.

And… you continue to do so.

But, your funnel STILL is not converting.
The sales are not coming in. 
Your product or service offering is not getting picked up. 
Your revenue is not increasing.

And, in fact, you’re even going into the negative with your investment because you’re spending too much on… well, whatever. You know.

So, where’s the hiccup?
What is happening?
Why ain’t your funnel converting?

I have this theory…
The issue lies within your BELIEF – or lack thereof.

Deep down. 
Yep, really, really, really deep down at times.

You do not believe in your product and that it can bring people the results you promise you can bring them. 
You do not believe in your service offering and that you actually have the experience and expertise to make a difference for your client.
Above all, you do not believe in yourself.

And to hit the nail on the head: 
You do not believe – if you’re really honest with yourself – that you deserve to make a nice income with your funnel(s) and create a rich life for you and your family.

If this resonates with you right now, there are 2 ways to work through this:

(1) Your product/service offering actually does suck and you need to go back to the drawing board and make it as great as it can be.

This way, you will automatically believe in it and the ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ part of things is not going to be an issue anymore.

Now, how can you go about improving your offering?

I recommend you go back to ‘the essentials’.

If you have customers and clients, talk to them and make sure you record the conversations (asking them before you do though, of course). You want to find out where they are still stuck.

What is slowing them down still?

Where did you not truly address their challenges and pain points they came to you in the first place for? Sometimes this could mean creating only a couple of additional lessons for your digital product – or, getting rid of some because they are confusing to your students.

If none of your students – that HAS gone through your course or program – has gotten results yet by now, you need to truly rethink the entire course that you have created.

If you are a service provider and you feel like your clients are continuously not one hundred percent happy with your services, you need to work on honing your craft further, darling <3.

This is the time to do it. You are only going to end up having lots of sleepless nights if you keep trying to sell your services of which you know, you can not one hundred percent deliver.

Surely, there are cases where it is your client’s responsibility why things aren’t working out for them. But if you see a pattern and really nobody is happy or is referring you or tagging your name on social media, this is a sign from the universe to take it slow and work on your craft.


Okay, next one…

(2) Your self-worth needs some much needed l-o-v-e 😉.

Now if this is the underlying reason why you are not getting any sales, you can solve by doing mindset work!

What does mindset work look like?

Well, it’s pretty much like if you’d be exercising. You need to be doing it on a consistent and daily basis (and yes, if you really have to, you can skip Sundays but I would not suggest you do that at the beginning).

Some form of mindset work can involve one – if not all – of the following such as:

Journaling, reading books in and around mindset topics, taking a positive program, hiring a mindset coach, getting into and practicing mediation, etc.

By the way and because I know you’re going to ask me, here is a list of my FAVORITE mindset books that were a true game changer for me:






Find out what type of mindset work resonates with you the most and brings about the desired changes.

And don’t forget, in order to see real change happening in your life, you need to be doing this consistently. Sooner rather than later, you will see your believe system change.

And if you’re still reading this, yes you my dear…



Let’s do this!

~ Cornelia Pauline

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3 Things You Can Learn from Gary Vee about Online Lead Generation

If you’re an entrepreneur or online marketer looking to take your business and social media influence to the next level, you need to be following the entrepreneurial guru, Gary Vee (in case you aren’t yet).

Not only is Gary a genuinely good guy to follow but rather, his hyper-effective method for lead generation is worth watching and learning from.

Gary has a solid system in place for delivering content on a large scale.

And if you’re currently trying to run a business, then you know that delivering content is KEY. Getting the attention of potential customers is important, but keeping it is crucial.

Side note: In case you’re struggling with creating content on a large scale and don’t have a system in place, check out my latest Youtube Video where I share with you my best content creation hacks:

So, what can we learn from Gary now and how can we potentially adopt his methods for our business as well?


Well, first off. Gary Vee is virtually everywhere.

He repurposes his content and posts on literally every possible platform available, so that anyone online, regardless of what they’re using, can find and follow him.

If needed, he will tweak his content to fit the platform best (caption, style, etc.) but that level of versatility is something to note if you’re trying to reach a wider audience.

Gary doesn’t wait for his followers to come find him. He puts his brand and his message everywhere. Knowing that getting attention is as good as making a sale, Gary doesn’t waste any time spreading his message anywhere he can, cross-promoting as much as possible.

But he doesn’t just show up everywhere with the same content.

It can be tempting to use a social media scheduler to post one piece of content to all of your social media accounts, but go take a look at Gary’s content. You’ll notice that he varies his videos, images, captions, and thumbnails depending on the platform!

For example, Instagram is a different platform with a different audience than Facebook.

So, the content needs to be appropriate for that platform. Instagram loves bright colors and aesthetic images. Facebook loves sharable content with videos and personal messages. The same idea applies to YouTube, Pinterest, and so on.

Know each platform, and treat them differently.

It doesn’t mean you need to do ten times the work. Notice how Gary repurposes his content for each platform to increase engagement. He’s tuned in to each network and uses them to engage with followers and grow his business.

Personal Brand

Speaking of versatility, Gary can be found all over the internet, adapting to whatever platform he is on, but no matter where he is, one thing never changes: his personal brand.

Tying your personal brand to your public persona across the board will inevitably draw in clients.

Remember how I mentioned attention?

Well, having a strong brand means that the attention you grab will become familiar to potential followers. If they see your brand on various platforms, they will be more likely to follow you, which will result in more leads, funneling into your business.

Trust plays a big part in personal brand too.

People will learn that they can trust you when they see the consistency in your online presence. Gary does a great job of maintaining a personal touch on his brand, not only with his face, but also with his signature.

A strong personal brand will mean followers begin feeling familiar with you and your business. And with influencer marketing, people love to follow, purchase, and share content from someone they know and trust.

Lead Magnets

If you find Gary Vaynerchuck online, on any of his various platforms, you will be invited to join his mailing list and his VIP First-in-Line service, which brings his potential clients to Facebook. He’s basically offering them a direct line to contact him, which is a great attention grabber.

All of these leads eventually funnel into his larger businesses, whether it be his mentorship program or public speaking engagements. So, he’s giving something away for free to gain a large return.

But it’s not just email marketing.

Gary makes sure that once he has your attention, he keeps it. He targets his ads to people who have already watched his videos or clicked on his profile. And once he’s on your timeline, he’s offering you fresh content, promoting his free magnets, and cross-promoting to his podcasts or mentorship programs.

What are you offering your potential followers?

What is the bait leading them to your email list and is it enough?

Are you following up that lead with something to keep your audience’s attention?

You might be thinking that Gary Vee is working on a much larger scale than you are.

He’s attracting these massive businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from his marketing strategies. He is using lead magnets, his personal brand, and publishing versatile content to reach his target audience the same way that you can learn to do.

No matter what you take from Gary’s style, one thing you can definitely learn is that Gary knows his strengths and makes them work for him. For him, it’s public speaking.

What is your strength in your marketing?

Don’t just try to copy the things that Gary does, but use his success as inspiration to utilize your own strengths. Knowing what you’re good at and what reaches your audience will no doubt grow your presence and your business.

P.S. If you'd like more free daily content and social media marketing tips and how you can apply them to your business, be sure to join my free Facebook Group:

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 – 27 Key Takeaways

I want to make this a bit of a different kind of recap than the usual ones you can read out there about an event conference such as Funnel Hacking Live is.

I’m not going to tell you all of the operational things or how I liked the venue, the hotel, the food, etc.

Instead, I’m going to share with you my most important takeaways that I was able to take away from the conference in terms of value and you can decide if you think this conference was worth my while.


The value that I can’t describe in words, I made sure to add by adding pictures with some of my most favorite people I was able to snap a picture with during this past week <3.

Just so you know, images and takeaways are random and not in order.

Enjoy! Here we go ;).

SIDE NOTE: In case you have never heard of Funnel Hacking Live, it’s one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the world where the premier folks in the digital marketing world brainstorm over sales and marketing funnels and share industry updates and a bunch of other value.

The founder of this conference is none other than Russell Brunson. He is the creator of the world’s fastest growing funnel building software CLICKFUNNELS. (where you can build like sales funnels, webinar funnels, landing pages, eCommerce funnels, etc.). 

In case you haven’t tried Clickfunnels, yet, you can try it out for FREE for 14 days by clicking on this link:

(1) The 2 Most Important Things To Ask Your On A Daily Basis As An Online Business Owner:

–> What am I selling?

–> How am I selling it?

(2) If You Haven’t Hit $1 Million In Revenue, Your Focus Should Be On:

–> Focusing on your CORE FUNNEL that sells your CORE PRODUCT. Get that one to work first before you add on tripwires and backend offers.

This is not to stay that you should not have your entire value ladder of your business in your head planned out already. However, your focus should not be divided. You’ll reach your revenue goal faster that way.

(3) There Are 3 Ways To Grow A Company:

–> More customers.

–> Get those customers to spend more money.

–> Get them to spend more money more often.

(4) The Best Instagram Story Ad You Can Run Is:

A click-bait style ad. These can look something like this…

Copyright by JCrew.

Currently, these types of ads convert the most.

(5) Handpick who you want to work with.

You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you make great money, millions a year even, but you’re just so unhappy with the types of clients and/or customers you have.

Create your ideal customer and client avatar in order to attract the right people to your business, the ones were it’s purely a joy to work with them.

(6) What Causes A Customer To Buy Over And Over Again?

Besides having a great product – naturally – it’s fostering and nurturing a culture around your brand/business.

How do you do that? Well, if you know how you do that utilizing Facebook and just Facebook alone, check out my CONNECT program on organic Facebook marketing for entrepreneurs:

Click image to learn more about the program!

(7) People Can Smell Inauthenticity.

If you keep one thing in mind and one thing only that will help you succeed with your online content strategy and distribution, is to be vulnerable and real.

Be the authentic you and don’t try and imitate anybody else. Yes, you can model the same strategies that other entrepreneurs and business owners are doing. However, you have to make them applicable to and fit you.

Vulnerability is the ultimate human connector.

(8) Don’t Ever Rely On 1 Distribution Channel For Your Message.

Decide on the social media channels you want to be using that you can be a star in and make sure your message is everywhere on those.

(9) Always Be Growing Your Email List

Your email list is THE livelihood of your online business. Constantly, figure out ways to grow, nourish and improve the content you share to your list.

(10) Fail Fast.

You’ve heard this one before, I’m sure. However, it’s still so important to keep in mind.

The first time you put something out there, 99% of the time it usually won’t work!

As a result, fail fast to get to the 1% that will work and keep in mind, business is never about you. It’s about people.

(11) CPA < ACV

Whenever you run any type of paid advertisement, you always want to make sure that your Cost per Acquisition (or CPA) is lower than your Average Cart Value (or ACV).

This is the key to growing a profitable business.

(12) Only Listen To The Market.

Put your ego completely aside.

The only opinion that matters is the opinion of your market, how they respond and if they deem your offer valuable enough for them to pull out a credit card.

(13) The Average Lifetime Of An Online Ad.

Can you guess what it is?

The answer: 3 weeks.

(14) If A Funnel Page Isn’t Converting.

It’s mostly because your hook isn’t clear enough. So, you need to double down and make sure you really clarify your message.

“What’s the hook behind why someone would want this offer?”

Answer this question and you got it.

(15) The Best Tool You Have Available When It Comes To Marketing:

Building up CURIOSITY.

(16) Funnel Hacking 101.

If you decide to model your funnel after a successful funnel, you absolutely need to make sure to model ALL of the elements on each funnel page. Even the smallest detail and color of the Call To Action button. There’s most likely a reason for everything.

(17) How To Publish Consistently On Social Media?

Just make a commitment to doing so. It’s sometimes really that simple.

(18)  Clarity Trumps Persuasion.

Clarity trumps persuasion.

Clarity trumps persuasion.

Clarity trumps persuasion.

Got it :)?

(19) Money Is Spiritual.

In order to operate on a higher spiritual plane, you MUST focus on someone other than yourself.

(20) Action Creates Traction.

Most people don’t push forward though because of fear.

However, change the story you tell yourself and start asking yourself, “What if I can…?”

(21) Create Content In Context With Your Day.

This way, you can keep your content unique and real.

(22) Always Sell The Vacation, Not The Plane.

Guess what most online entrepreneurs out there do? They try to describe and sell the plane, instead of focusing on selling the transformation of the experience you’re going to receive when going on that vacation.

(23) How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubt?

Outwork your self-doubt :).

(24) Prospects Judge You Based On Your Free Stuff.

As a result, make sure your free stuff rock and in alignment with what you offer in your paid programs and services.

(25) The Best Way For Sales To Happen Online?

Display of an almost overwhelming amount of social proof.

(26) Selling = Serving.

You can make someone’s life better by selling your product/service and helping them with something they are struggling with. Don’t deny that power you have. Don’t look down on ‘selling’. Selling is awesome.

(27) Energy Comes From Psychology. 

You get most of your energy from the state of your mind, or your mindset – NOT from sleep, food, etc.

Have you ever slept for only 3 hours but were super awake the next day? Or, have you slept for 9 hours but felt super groggy and tired the next day.

The difference = mindset.

Work on yours and you will win that game that is business.


Hope this blog post inspired you! If it did, be sure to show some love and share this article with your community ;).

Questions? Just comment down below and I’ll be sure to answer them. 

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How can I realistically make $100k online in 12 months?

How can I realistically make $100k online in 12 months?


Here is my blueprint for you on how to realistically make $100k online in 12 months (at least, that’s how I’ve done it):

This basic blueprint is for people who want to make an automated income online through sales and marketing funnels.

Please keep in mind that there are many layers to it and often times, the steps will interchange each other. This should give you a very good idea.

This works for any industry/market.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

1) What is a funnel?

Well, let me give you the textbook definition first ;):

“A sales funnel (also known as a ‘revenue funnel’ or ‘sales process’) refers to the buying process that companies and businesses lead customers through before, when and after purchasing a product/service.”

Every funnel is divided into several steps – which differ significantly at times, depending on the particular sales model.

2) How can you make money from this?

Any market or industry, business owner or entrepreneur,

Can benefit from incorporating an online sales funnel into their overall business model.

And an effective funnel that converts,

Brings more time, passive income as well as scalability to ANY business .

3) Okay, but HOW?

This is where this blueprint comes in.

(A) Pick a market and an industry of interest of you.

(B) Decide on a core product.

What service or product do you possess that you can offer to a specific group of people,

That will solve a problem or a need for this particular group of people?

In other words, where can you add the most value and raise your economic currency?

Trust me, everyone has a speciality like this.

Think hard ;).

(C) Validate your idea.

Next, you want to validate your idea for this core product or service by doing some in-depth market research and analysis.

The best way to do that is by getting some feedback from your ideal target market.

If you have a lower budget, you can do this for free by utilizing social media ;).

NOTE: I teach in-depth on how to do this in my #CONNECT program. 

For more information, click here:

Here are some examples of questions you want to ask your ideal/target audience:

+ What’s your biggest pain point when it comes to XYZ?
+ How would it feel like exactly if this problem would be gone?
+ Why do you do what you do? Why are you in business? Why are you trying to achieve XYZ?
+ Ideally, how does your business look like within the next 3 months/6 months/1 year/3 years?
+ What are your biggest goals?
+ Etc.

You can also get more information on your market by analyzing what your competitors are doing.

A great resource for me always proves to be Google as well as

(D) Create the core product or put together your core service. 

Be sure to understand, pin-point and address the EXACT PAIN POINT your ideal client or customer is having and create a seductive BAIT OFFERING for them.

This bait offering or ‘freebie’ is almost like a trailer for a movie (the movie being your core product).

If you are doing a great job with the trailer, your target audience will hunger for more.

They will want to take you up on your additional offer for your core product.

This process might take a couple of weeks or a couple of months depending on the size and engagement of your existing audience.

Tip: Be sure to create a high quality freebie or bait offering. People will judge you and the potential of your core product by the quality of said trailer.

(E) Come up with the right funnel strategy to sell this ‘core product’.

This is the tricky part.

The wrong strategy can set you back a couple of months or even longer until you figure out the right funnel strategy.

The right strategy though can prove to be a goldmine for you.

The best way to decide on a type is to look at – again – competitors.

We call this ‘funnel hacking’ (never copy or plagiarize from your competitors though!).

You can choose from funnel types such as Webinar Funnels, Free Plus Shipping Funnels, Standard Product Sales Funnels, Etc.

To read more on what type of funnel is right for YOUR business, check out this article: 

Which TYPE of marketing or sales funnel is right for my business?

(F) Invest time into learning how to build a ‘funnel’.

Nowadays, this is very easy to do.

No need to know how to code or anything like that.

All you need to do is invest a couple of months into learning how to use a funnel building software such as: Kajabi, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, etc.

In case you do not have the time to do so, you can always hire a funnel professional to do this for you (like contact moi here 😉 ).

Note: This – next to marketing costs – will be your biggest investment.

(G) Once you’ve finished building the funnel and have gone LIVE with it, you want to make sure to direct sufficient traffic to your funnel.

Are you already a social media influencer of some sort?

Then this part will be easy for you because you can tap into your existing pool of fans.

You can use all sorts of different social media platforms to promote your new live funnel:

Social Media Channels Explained

If you have no existing traffic whatsoever,

This step will prove to be a bit more challenging for you.

How so?

Because you most likely want to be sending paid traffic to your funnel and pay for advertisements (like Facebook Ads).

Unless, of course, you have established partnerships with affiliate marketers or joint venture partners that have a big social media influence or a sizable email list.

(H) Continue testing, analyzing AND optimizing the traffic.

You want to constantly improve conversion rates of your different funnel pages in order to increase your sales and subsequently – your income *yay*.

(I) Don’t forget to have a follow-up strategy in place.

This incorporates caring for your existing customers and clients.

You can also, potentially, up-sell them later on on an extended, premium or new product of yours.

New Prospects vs existing customers

Tip: Add people who didn’t buy from you on Social Media or to your own Facebook group in order to further nurture that blossoming tribe of yours and get them to know, like and trust you ;).

If you earn people’s trust online and you provide great value through ALL your products and service offerings, you will have buyers and even more important – fans for a lifetime <3.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is just a BASIC blueprint of this online journey.

One type of online business journey.

It is definitely possible to make $100,000 online and even far more than that within the next 12 months IF you are smart about:

(1) How you go about doing it.

(2) Work hard on achieving your goal.

If this article was helpful to you, be sure to let me know in the comments down below ;).

Let’s do this!

P.s.: I talk more about sales and marketing funnels in my free Facebook Group that I run (2,500+ members).

You can request access here: Log into Facebook | Facebook


15 Key Elements To A Successful Landing Page

Let’s talk landing pages today.

There are 15 key elements that comprise any successful landing page.

Wanna know what they are?

Here we go:

1) Clarity: You need to have a clear offer in order to meet your target audience’s expectations.

2) Scent: Stay true to your own unique voice and style throughout the landing page?

3) Relevance: Is your offer relevant to your market? Will it be in the future as well? Do your market research.

4) Visualization: When a complete stranger is checking out your landing page, is it easy to understand and can they actually visualize the problem you are going to solve for them?

5) Visible Form: Copy what works. Research landing pages from top people in your industry and see what works for them and what does not.

6) Appropriate Number of Fields: Don’t put an entire book up for grasps throughout your page. Only put the most necessary information up there but also don’t gorget fields like CTA, testimonials, etc. A good rule of thumb is that the length of your form is contingent upon the offer’s perceived value.

7) Compelling Form Headline: Headlines are hard to write but want to know the 3 simplest ways to improve any headline? a) Add the words “how to” to your headline. b) Communicate time, or in other words, how long will it take exactly to fulfill that promise of your headline? c) Add fascination to your headline. This one I’ll let you figure out on your own .

8) Visible & Noticeable CTA: If you have a form or just a simple CTA, you need to make sure the copy is clear and actionable, and that the CTA stands out. Lyft does an amazing job with this (while still using their brand colors). –>

9) Professional Design: You page layout design is the single most important thing to develop not only trust, but it is also a representation of your brand!

10) Relevant Trust Icons: Does the page maintain your “ad scent”? Are your images competing with your call to action? Is your most important copy accentuated by the design of the page?

11) Authentic Testimonials: I think we’ve all made the mistake, especially at the beginning of our digital entrepreneurial career to edit existing testimonials or use fake ones. Don’t do it. It will only backfire on you later on. Let’s keep it real, shall we?

12) Clear Privacy Policies: You can use this service or, you can look at what other websites in your market have as privacy policies and adjust them on your own.

13) Using Visual Queues to Highlight Key Areas: Be sure to maintain one decisive color scheme.

14) Page Design Fits a Singular Theme: The fonts, colors, imagery, and copy compliments each other.

15) Supporting Imagery: The images you use should never compete with the overall page theme as well as distract from your CTAs.

Hope this was helpful and hope everyone is having a wonderful week !

The truth about what it really takes to succeed online.

People talk more and more about how easy it is to use Clickfunnels or any other funnel building software for that matter.

This might be true.

Everyone can honestly learn to use the software in a matter of a few days or a couple of months.

Anyone can throw together a landing page and try and sell a product online.

There’s no secret sauce to it, no special technology skill that only a very few among us possess.

In fact, I’m telling you – as a clickfunnels software user myself – everyone of you can learn it.

Now, where’s the catch you might think?

to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. (2)

Why are there so many people already using Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Kajabi and Infusionsoft and haven’t gotten to the point yet where they make a few thousands dollars each day every day through their respective funnels?

The simple answer.


The more complex answer.

A lack of traffic.

Both combined?

A lack of traffic and knowledge on how to craft a compelling offer;

Tell that offer’s story through ads and other marketing channels in order to drive traffic to your funnel,

AND having either the social influence,

OR the knowledge on how to exactly optimize that funnel of yours,

Your funnel will contribute exactly ZERO to your income generating online power machine.


That’s the truth even though it might be hard to swallow for some of you.

Now, what do you need in order to make not only a Clickfunnels‘ funnels but also any other sales funnel successful?

I’m going to spill the beans for you now.

The secret sauce of all internet businesses.

Are you ready?

You need an audience.

A tribe.

People who actually know who you are, like and – most importantly – TRUST you.

How do you gain someone’s trust online?

After all, they can not hear, see or feel you?

You’ll have to do it by sharing your opinions, what you stand for, your hard-earned knowledge and any other value you can think of.

And then, guess what?

You’ll have to do it over and over and over again.

The kind of people who build funnels inside Clickfunnels and are automatically successfully, generating hundreds if not thousands every single day from their funnel, are people who either had a ridiculously high amount of advertising/marketing budget to use for this OR,

That already put in the months and years of work in building up their tribe.

This audience – your tribe – can be found anywhere. Whatever platform feels more natural to you. Instagram, Twitter, through a Facebook group or an actual email list.

So, in conclusion, don’t focus just on the funnel.

Don’t think that if you get this super cool brand new – truly awesome at that – software Clickfunnels and throw together a funnel, you’re going to make millions.

Know, that everything good in life takes time. 

Creating, strategizing and building a super successful high-converting sales funnel of any kind in any niche or industry, takes time – depending on how low or high up you are in the digital marketing popularity scale.

For any business you need customers to make it an actual business.

Customers that are willing to buy whatever you have to offer.

A sales funnel at that, or a landing page, are no different.

The steps you need to build a funnel that converts?

As a digital marketer and online business owner, I continue to get asked the following question.

So, I thought it would be time to put together a little article on the subject matter at hand.

Without further ado, here’s a quick summary of the steps:

  1. You need the right funnel strategy.
  2. You need to invest time into learning how to actually use a funnel building software.
  3. You need to direct sufficient traffic to your funnel.
  4. You need a bullet-proof follow up strategy as to not leave sales on the table.

In regards to (1), how to come up with a good strategy?

a) Where are you at in your business right now and WHY do you want to create a funnel?

b) What is your CORE PRODUCT that you would like to offer?

c) Now, look at your market/industry and analyze your competitors. A great resource for me always proves to be Google as well as – Digital World Market Intelligence Platform

d) Create a Customer Avatar and then, be sure to find out exactly if that Customer Avatar is your correct ‘ideal client’ by ASKING your Ideal Client (in like forums, Facebook groups or wherever else they hang out at) the right questions.

These questions depend on your CORE PRODUCT but can look something like this:

  • What’s your biggest problem when it comes to {fill in your industry}?
  • How would it feel like exactly if this problem would be gone?
  • Why do you do what you do? Why are you in business? Why are you trying to achieve XYZ?
  • How does your business look like within the next 3 months/6 months/1 year/3 years?
  • What are your biggest goals?
  • Etc.

e) Next, be sure to understand and pin-point the EXACT PAIN POINT your ideal client or customer is having and create a seductive BAIT for them in the form of a free offering.

d) Map out your funnel, decide on a funnel type that best fits your offer and get clear on your business’s overall value ladder.

In regards to (2):

There are many tools available. My team and I love and specialize in Clickfunnels.

Just in case you don’t know what Clickfunnels is yet, check out a free video about this cool funnel building software here:

In regards to (3):

a) Do you have an existing email list?

If your email list is under 1,000 and you don’t write your list regularly, focus on building up that list of yours! That should be one of your major focuses.

b) What’s your social media following like? Poor or rather strong?

→ If it is poor and you do not want to be active on social media (even though I can’t quite understand why), you gotta focus on PAID ADVERTISING.

→ If it is great (we are talking here of tens of thousands of ACTIVE followers), then you can wait on PAID ADVERTISING like FB ads and focus on ‘testing’ your funnel first with organic traffic.

Once optimized, you can then move on to scaling your converting funnel with PAID ADVERTISING.

In regards to (4):

a) This goes back to Point (1) when I mentioned the so-called ‘VALUE LADDER’.

If you’re clear on your value ladder and you’re investing all your time building up your email list, increasing your social media following and/or spending money on paid advertising, then you want to be sure to utilize income from the time you invested in these actions for years to come.


How do you do this?

You have to have future products in mind you want to sell to buyers who already bought from you.

Not only that, you want to have a ‘follow-up’ sequence in place.

b) You can also add people who didn’t buy from you or who did buy from you to a Facebook group and further nurture that blossoming tribe of yours.

Why would you want to do that?

To get people to further like and trust you.

If you earn people’s trust online and you provide great value through ALL your products and service offerings, you will have buyers, and even more important – fans for a lifetime.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is just a summary of the steps.

If you need help with any of this or would love to further dive deeper into a particular subject matter or learn all of it and become a PRO, I’d recommend checking out the Funnel PRO Academy.

Here is the site:

Hope this article was helpful!

If you want to learn more about a particular section of this process, be sure to leave a comment in the comment section down below to let me know ;).

How to drive traffic to your funnel if you’re just starting out and have no marketing budget yet for paid advertising?


“Duh,” you’re thinking.

Though, be prepared. You might not like the answer.

If you’re not at that point yet where you can utilize paid traffic, you gotta…

Yes, you guessed it.


There’s no other way around it.

Stop looking for a shortcut.

You gotta put your funnel in front of the eyes of your funnel’s ideal audience.

Which means that if you can’t utilize paid traffic YET (we’ve all been there at the beginning!), you’ve gotta invest the time to CONNECT with people!

How do you do that?

Well…a few creative ways to drive traffic to your funnel organically are:

  • Content swaps (where you write guest posts for another blog) – Be sure to pick a blog that has good site traffic. If the blog has a site traffic of 1,000 unique hits per month, your article obviously wont be getting a lot of exposure at all. You can check a sites traffic stats at:
  • Joint webinars (where you share the leads) that you promote on your social media platforms – People love a good partnership.
  • Get your P.R. game going on strong – Try writing for the Huffington Post or any other prestigious online magazine or blog. It can change your life.
  • Affiliate promotions – You have the content/product/service? Find someone that is missing that but has the social media influence and work out a deal with them.
  • Cold email contacts on Linkedin (yep, you’ve heard me say that but wait…) – It’s a long shot but if you’re great at writing engaging emails, it’s a good shot and you will find yourself connecting with very interesting international professionals of all walks of life.
  • Collaborative ebooks, free products, free email courses, workshops, etc. – Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate is the key (ever heard of Coldplay’s collaboration with Rihanna?).
  • Interview swaps – Got a podcast? Interview me? I’ll interview you. See where I’m going with this.
  • Run Giveaways with other entrepreneurs in your market – It doesn’t have to be physical giveaways, digital ones work great as well. The most important thing here is that they are perceived to be valuable to your market/audience.
  • Utilizing the simply awesome power of Facebook Groups. One of my favorite ones that is filled with awesome people is the one I am currently running #selfpromo ;), called:

NOTE: If you’re an introvert or having troubles truly connecting with peeps in FB groups, I have 8 words for you: You either make money or you make excuses.

  • Have any other ideas? – Be sure to comment down below.

Let’s do this!


5 Surprising Reasons A Funnel Will Never Convert That Funnel Builders Won’t Tell You


A funnel is like a Swiss watch.

Any successful 6-and-7-figure funnel that is and if that is your goal with your funnel.

And to work perfectly together for years – heck decades – to come, every single last element has to fall perfectly into place.

We’ll get to those elements in a second.

It is fairly easy to build a funnel with all the tools available today…

Everyone who would dedicate a little bit of time on the subject matter, will be able to throw together a landing page, webinar funnel or any other type of funnel for that matter.

However, it takes true experience and dedication to this art that truly reveals the 5 reasons why some funnels will never convert well – no matter how you place the elements.

Here they are:

(1) Your product sucks.

Or, your service offering is simply not up to par.

The greatest and best strategized funnel in the world wont get you the results you want if you half-ass your product or service.

(2) People simply don’t care about what you have to offer.

This happens a lot for entrepreneurs or businesses who have not done efficient market research or validated their ideas.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Do your homework.

Talk to your ideal clients and customers.



(3) You are targeting the wrong people.

You could also be targeting the wrong group of people with your funnel.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck continues to stress,

“You gotta go where your audience IS.”

Imagine you are a Reggae band with some seriously sick jam but for some odd reason, you have decided to play at the number one classical opera house in Vienna, Austria.

The audience that would visit this opera house would feel pretty alienated by your type of music because they simply were expecting to hear classical music.

After all, that is why they chose to go to an opera house.

Whereas, when you decide to play in one of the clubs in Honolulu, your jam will be positively accepted and enjoyed.

Match your messaging and advertisement to the right audience.

(4) Your messaging is off.

This goes hand in hand with my previous point.

Now, I bet you have heard this saying before,

“Communication is key.”

Well, it truly is.

If your messaging is off and the way you present yourself or if you are sending your message to the wrong audience, your funnel will never work.

You have got to nail your messaging.

Plus, a lack of creativity can help as well.

(5) You are not sending enough traffic to your funnel.

At one point or another you have stop wanting to perfect your funnel.

Yes, there are things you need to put in place to perfect your funnel before launching it.

However, at a certain point you just have to take the plunge and see where it takes you.


And be sure to send the right traffic to your funnel.

And enough of it.

What do I mean by ‘right’?

This goes back to number three as well of my points.

Your traffic can vary based on where your audience is hanging out at and what your service offering or product is.

Is influencer marketing the right strategy for you? Or would Facebook Ads work better? Maybe organic marketing is key since you have got a substantial engaged following?

Make the choice.

Go for it.

Pivot if need be.

To recap: