Go Crazy With Clickfunnels

Since you’ve asked ;)…

Why do I love and use the funnel building software, Clickfunnels?

(1) It has been the FIRST funnel building software I have ever used.

And I’m a loyal gal.

What else can I say for this point :)?

(2) Knock yourself out building huge funnel networks.

The software is very good at detailing the individual steps of a funnel and giving you lots of options.

Is it challenging for you to imagine and envision an entire funnel network?

Not to worry.

Clickfunnels has got your back in that way.

Note: If you're not sure how to build a funnel network or which type of funnel to use for your business, you might like this article: https://corneliapauline.com/2017/11/12/which-type-of-marketing-or-sales-funnel-is-right-for-my-business/

(3) Efficiency and ease of use.

Hate patching together 4 or 5 different softwares to get just 1 funnel to work?

Want to create your own affiliate program on top of it all to work with your funnel?

Ready to automate your funnel with an automated webinar?

Clickfunnels is taking care of all of this and more for you.

(4) Homework from the master

Russell Brunson is one of the biggest and widely known digital marketers of his generation.

He is also the founder of Clickfunnels as well as the author of the book, Dot Com Secrets

So guess one of the coolest perks of being a member of Clickfunnels?

You get homework assignments and additional knowledge form the founder straight to your inbox.

No other funnel building software I’ve experienced has the same level of service from its founder.

(5) It has a SICK affiliate program that Russell Brunson has created that has allowed me to build up a steady passive side income.

One of the the things I was able to do with my affiliate income was to completely PAY OFF my student loan.

That was a huge accomplishment for me and it’s such a great feeling to have ZERO student loans anymore :).

By the way, you can become an affiliate too simply by joining the Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Program, also known as the “What’s Your Dream Car Program.

Why is it called that way?

Because participants who have referred 100 people, get their car leasing paid for ;)!

Details here: https://whatsyourdreamcar.com


In conclusion, I decided a little over 3 years ago to go with Clickfunnels and use it for all of my funnel needs. Not only that, my team and I sell all of my online courses and other content this way.

I like the ease of it.

Sure, there have been tech hiccups along the way just like with any other software.

Heck, even my new Mac laptop decides to stop working once in a while lol.

But all in all, it’s a great tool that can help you achieve your goals.


Hope this helped!

P.s.: If you are using a different funnel building software, let me know in the comments which one you’re using and also, WHY you are using it ;).


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