What a unicorn has to do with organic marketing.

Or, when someone thinks they can make money online without having to work for it.

This morning I’ve received an email newsletter in my inbox from a rather no-name marketer.

I receive a ton of emails in my inbox every day.


Research :).

With that being said and to sum up his email, I’d have to include the following sentences,

Posting on Facebook is SO time consuming… If you want to spend hours trawling through Facebook Groups until you find that one “unicorn” prospect who’s actually looking for help… And if you just so happen to find that unicorn prospect, you then have to convince them to get on the phone with you (as opposed to the 10 other Coaches/Consultants/Service Providers/Competitors circling trying to do the same thing), and then buy from you…It’s a waste of time with no return on investment of that time…

Yaddiyaddiya and so it went on for a few more paragraphs.

What do I have to say to that?

Investing time in building up YOUR brand and influence online through organic content marketing as well as social media marketing is NEVER a waste of time when you have a strategy and goals behind it.

That is to say if you want to build up a lasting long-term business by building up REAL relationships and connecting with your clients and customers.

I am not talking against automating your marketing attempts at all through paid advertisement. Once a business owner reaches a certain level in his/her business, it is definitely a necessity!

However, disregarding the relationship aspect that is an immediate by-product of social media and content marketing is in my eyes, a huge mistake.

If you create your brand, for example, using organic Facebook marketing…

(The right way of course which truthfully a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs/service providers/business owners are still not doing and are sometimes even misusing social media to spam people with their services/products.)

AND build up and nourish a tribe of people who look up to you and want to learn from you,

You never need to convince a person to work with you.

There is no ‘client chasing’ involved.

And you will never get the feeling that you are ‘wasting your time’.

If you feel like you are wasting your time, 

Then dear, I’ll be the first person to tell you that you are probably doing something wrong.

You don’t have a plan.

You don’t have a goal.

You’re probably acting out of frustration, out of desperation even.

You post content without a purpose or a call to action.

So, let’s stop for a second and look at ‘the GREATS’, shall we?

If we take, for example, a John Lee Dumas, an Amy Porterfield, a Marie Forleo, a Tim Ferriss, a Gary Vaynerchuck, a Sir Richard Branson (yes, even Richard Branson!), a Neil Patel, etc.

And we imagine that Facebook, Twitter or Youtube seize to exist,

(I know, I know, I don’t think that will ever happen but bear with me),

Well, guess what?

The people that follow them will STILL know WHO they are.


Because these influencers have spent the time to build relationships that last.

They have invested the time in building up a community around their brand.

Even after a certain platform dies and they decide to be on a new platform such as TwinkleDiDoo (good one, huh :)?), people will continue to flock to them.

Investing the time to build a powerful brand story around ‘you’ OR your company (i.e. Apple, CocaCola, etc.) for that matter – in case you do not want to become the attractive character for your own business even though I don’t see why not – is time that is NEVER wasted.

Because you will gain a long-term, exponential return of investment from doing this.

More so than you could have ever imagined in your wildest dreams.

Anyone else who tells me otherwise has either:

  1. Not understood the importance of building up your own tribe of loyal fans – your own community so to speak.
  2. Is as lazy as f*** and still believes in unicorns.


I do have a course on building up your tribe on Facebook and having ideal clients come to you, aka social selling. It is called #CONNECT. And it rocks. To learn more, click here: https://connectforentrepreneurs.com/home-10

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