The ONE thing you MUST have to guarantee your business will be successful

You do not need a copywriter.

You do not need a funnel builder.

You do not need a content creator.

You do not need a virtual assistant.

You do not need a facebook ads person.

You do not need a social media manager. Etc.

You do not need to do any of that before you don’t have…CLARITY.

Strategizing, building, and scaling sales funnels for a diverse range of 6-to-9 figure clients these past 7 years, my team and I at FunnelGal have found that there is ONE major thing we’ve seen that makes an online entrepreneur successful from those who don’t succeed.

It’s their level of CLARITY.

Cornelia Pauline

CLARITY about their mission.

CLARITY about their audience’s voice.

CLARITY about what it is they excel at.

CLARITY from looking at their numbers.

CLARITY about their customer/client avatar.

CLARITY about the pain points they are solving.

CLARITY about the value they are bringing to the table.

The best, most talented, most skilled, highly awarded service providers won’t be able to help you solve the problems you might have in your business if you don’t have clarity.

How can you achieve such clarity?

That’s the prize-winning question 😉.

I know that you can find clarity in a lot of different ways and I would looove to hear from you what helps you in the comments.

As for me, I love to actually turn OFF all of the voices that are surrounding me (even those from the gurus).

Instead, I try and go inward and brainstorm ideas, thoughts, strategies, etc.

Then, I go directly to my target audience and no one else.

I ask them.

I listen to them.

I implement.

I ask them for feedback.

I listen!

I implement again. {Side note: You can do this by asking your social media following, existing email list or paid ad campaigns.}

I rinse and repeat until I get this ‘feeling of flow’ which I’m getting every time I know I’m on track about what steps to take next.

Then, after you’re clear, you can go hire all those awesome people (if you feel like you need to) to make all your online business dreams come true 😉 :

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